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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Culturist Sex Positions


Sorry! This article will not show sexual positions; it will consider culturist positions on sex! It will tackle the problem that 41% of American, 47.3% of UK and 39.5% of EU births happen out of wedlock. But keep reading, Miley Cyrus's licking will come up later.
"Conservatives are unrealistic if they think people will stop having sex. It's impossible." To these defeatists I say, "Let me reassure you: I am not trying to stop people having from having sex. But out-of-wedlock childbirth is a problem we must tackle." They agree.
For the "it is impossible" crowd, I note that this problem almost doesn't exist in Korea and Japan; a mild racist reply usually follows. But, a culturist public values campaign in Victorian England dropped the out-of-wedlock rate from 7% to 3%. Yes, it was 3%! White people have managed reproduction responsibly.


"Western civilization holds the mind in higher esteem than the body," is a phrase to popularize. Plato gave us platonic love. He did not think sex a sin, but a sad use of our human potential. Jesus taught that lust overpowering the soul was a sin.
Television undermined western virtues. To get advertisers, it promotes fun without consequences. Thus it promotes irresponsible sex, without showing that the resultant out-of-wedlock birth leads to povertycrime, academic failure, and emotional problems.



We need to censor television again, not to mention Internet porn (as Asian nations do). Strip clubs have exploded across America. Zoning laws need to, again, push this flesh-peddling out to the margins of society.
Don't worry sex addicts, you'll be able to get your pound of flesh on cable and illegally on the web. You'll be free to drive to the town's outskirts to spasm; but needing to drive will teach you that you're doing something of which society does not approve.
Rich people make television. Rich people absorb the damage of out-of-wedlock birth better than those in the inner-city, where it is devastating communities. During the Victorian era, the wealthy specifically thought of the impact of their actions on the morals of the poor. We do live in the same society.


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Ah, The Irony!

Obama's "leadership" style (hat tip to Reliapundit of THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS):

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"You're Gonna Get a Better Plan ...Better Doctors"

Thousands Of Doctors Dropped From United Health

UnitedHealth Group dropped thousands of doctors from its networks in recent weeks, leaving many elderly patients unsure whether they need to switch plans to continue seeing their doctors, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.
The insurer said in October that underfunding of Medicare Advantage plans for the elderly could not be fully offset by the company’s other healthcare business. The company also reported spending more healthcare premiums on medical claims in the third quarter, due mainly to government cuts to payments for Medicare Advantage services.
Keep reading…


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Obamacare Shopping Views Continue Volatility Reach a new Peak since 11/1

The value jump is in the shopping values for single parents, with a child. Nearly 5 times as many people accessed premium rate estimates from this db, as did yesterday.
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Rival Sons Live

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Muslim reps do not tell truth about faith

A respondent to an article in the Birmingham News (Alabama) makes some good points:
In response to the comments of Ashfaq Taufique in The News October 27, I think that he is cosmeticizing comments about "the faith" of Islam. I do believe that all Muslims are not likely prone to violence, but all are commanded by the Qur'an to wage jihad on the non-Muslim. Jihad is doing anything that contributes toward taking down the non-Muslim country for Allah.

I do not believe that American converts to Islam are told all the truths about Islam, particularly women, or they likely would not join.

The quest of orthodox Muslims is to take over the world for Allah in an Islamic caliphate (empire). This includes violence as well as non-violent kinds of jihad. Qur'an 9:5 states "kill the kafirs wherever you find them. Take them as captives, besiege them, and lie in wait for them with every kind of ambush. If they submit to Islam, observe prayer, and pay the poor tax, then let them go their way. Allah is gracious and merciful."

Islam is mostly political, militant, legal and financial. It is a theocracy. Islam is demanding that the West observe Islamic legal code, Shariha Law, in attempts to progressively destroy our country in a civilizational jihad from within. A Muslim Brotherhood Memorandum captured by the F.B.I. in 2004 states this strategy and goal.

The Birmingham Islamic Society's constitution states "all acts of Birmingham Islamic Society shall conform to the Islamic Shariah (Islamic Law).
Bingo. It is the reader who's told everybody what they need to know.

Update: Zvi Mazel, former Israeli ambassador to Egypt, tells some more about how Obama's policies in the middle east are failing.
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UK: Tariq Ramadan Delivers The Orwell Prize's Annual Orwell Lecture

How much of the Islamic phallus can Britain swallow down without gagging?

From the Spectator:
The Muslim Brotherhood aren’t doing so well in Egypt at the moment. Happily they are making some gains in Britain. 
On Tuesday the organisation’s dauphin – Tariq Ramadan, famous Islamist ideas man, grandson of the Brotherhood’s founder and prominent double-speaker gave the Orwell prize’s annual ‘Orwell lecture’. 
I wonder which direction Orwell’s body is spinning in? 
And elsewhere, at London’s SOAS (the School of Oriental and African Studies, better known as the School of Organised Anti-Semitism) a speaker who is opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood was chased from the stage by Muslim Brotherhoood supporters. It is worth watching the video of what turned into an Islamist rally just to remind yourself of how well spent our taxpayer money is. 
There are so very many reasons to keep on funding universities when they provide such forums for thought and free expression. 
All in all, a good week for the Brotherhood here in London. On the one hand the heavies can intimidate the heretics and infidels until they give in. And on the other hand the soft approach will find itself lauded and honoured by Britain’s pliant and quiescent liberals. 
Allahu Akbar.
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UK forecasters predict “exceptionally severe” winter, unlike anything we have experienced in modern times

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:
Britain Jan 2013.

UK forecasters predict “exceptionally severe” winter, unlike anything we have experienced in modern times.(EX).HT: IceAgeNow.
 Britain faces “an incomparable scenario to anything we have experienced in modern times”.
 Winter 2013 into 2014 is forecast to be “exceptionally severe” with above-average snowfall and plunging temperatures.
Long-range weather forecasts warn of bitter Arctic gales leading to feet-deep snow drifts right up until February.
Snow forecasts for winter 2013 suggest much of the country will be hit by heavy wintry downpours with no let up well into next year.
As lovers of the white stuff ask ‘will it snow?’ this winter, the general consensus among long-range forecasters is a resounding ‘yes’.
However they said winter could bring chaos similar to the big freeze of 2010/11 which saw airports close and roads grind to a standstill for months.
The warnings come as temperatures begin to dip around the UK with the first “real taste” of winter likely to hit next week.
James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said Britain is braced for “copious” snowfall this winter with extreme cold expected to last into the spring.
He added that Britain faces “an incomparable scenario to anything we have experienced in modern times”.
He said: “An exceptionally prolonged period of widespread cold is highly likely to develop throughout this winter and last into next spring.
“It will be accompanied by snow drifts of several feet and long-lasting snow accumulations on a widespread scale.
“This period of snow and cold is likely to result in an incomparable scenario to anything we have experienced in modern times.
“A scenario similar to December 2010 is likely to develop, but on a more prolonged scale in terms of overall duration.”
January is likely to bring the worst of the weather although Britain will shiver in below-average temperatures for the next three months.
He said: “This is certainly a record-breaking and historical weather period which is likely to see one of the coldest and snowiest starts to British New Year in a very long time.”
Jonathan Powell, forecaster for Vantage Weather Services, said this winter could be the worst for decades.
He said: “We are looking at something on a par with 2010 when Britain was hit by particularly bad big freeze.
“The focal point at this stage seems to be January, when we could see widespread heavy snow and below-average temperatures.
This could stretch out for weeks, meaning we could be looking at the worst winter big freeze for decades.
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Obamacare Unfolding Like a Greek Tragedy

From Mediaite:
A great tragedy is unfolding within Democratic ranks. The party and their leader, PresidentBarack Obama, are scrambling to mitigate the damage the Affordable Care Act is doing to the Democratic brand. In their rush, they are striking glancing blows against a law which is already teetering on its unsound foundations. In a Euripidean twist, it is Democrats, not Republicans, who are meting out potentially fatal blows to the project which had once represented their greatest hopes.  
Passed along party lines by appealing to methods unbecoming of the democratic process, the president secured his signature achievement in 2010. It was all downhill from there. A scandalous number of waivers, carve-outs and bailouts later, the ACA went into effect in October amid the self-flagellating protests of Republicans. Defeated at last, the law’s opponents stepped aside. Without a distraction, the press and the public focused on the effects of the law itself. What they saw was grotesque. 
As the waves of policy cancellations continued, liberals and Democratic partisans atonally cheered the development. True to form, they celebrated the dismantling of the individual insurance market. The “incorrect promise,” in the parlance of the New York Times editorial board, that the president had made the nation was a necessary fiction and, they told themselves, a forgivable one. It was required in order to sell a skittish public, married to the quaint idea that they could determine what was best for them and their families, on a program that would rob them of this injurious autonomy. 
In spite of their celebrations, the clamorous public never quieted. The scale of the political catastrophe became apparent in poll after poll. Young voters told Quinnipiac pollsters that they trust congressional Republicans over President Obama on who would best handle health care by 5 points. 52 percent of voters viewed Obama as untrustworthy. A majority of Americans told Fox News pollsters they believe the president intentionally misled the public. 
Alarm evolved into panic. Nervous Democrats began to craft plans that would reverse the politically disastrous effects of the ACA’s implementation. Stalwart Democrats in the Senate like Sens. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Mark Udall (D-CO) crafted plans that would, in varying degrees, undermine the financial stability of the law by allowing those who lost their plans to regain them even though they knew that the long-term consequences of these “fixes” could do irreversible damage to the ACA. 
National Journal’s Ron Brownstein summarized the effects of “keep your plan” legislative fixes succinctly: 
Because the individual market now largely excludes the sick (through rules such as denying coverage for preexisting conditions), the relatively modest number of Americans who use it tend to be healthy. If they are allowed to remain outside the new system, the more comprehensive policies sold on the exchanges could tilt too heavily toward the old and sick. And that, notes Jonathan Gruber, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist, “would generate a huge [premium] rate shock in 2015” that could further discourage the healthy from enrolling and risk a fatal downward spiral. 
Democrats are fully aware of how their “fixes” are potentially fatal for the most expansive liberal reform in generations. They do not care. The political threat is that grave. Initially, they warned the president that he must do something to stop the bleeding. 

Let's put it this way guys:

Thus far all the "fixes" that are proposed will lead to the destruction of the plan, in my opinion.

The Obama fix essentially makes the plan unworkable for the insurance companies, creating the problem that the plans they would have to issue would not be legal according to the law. Therefore, if there were any legal disputes arising from ANY of the plans (and there always are) the insurance companies would not have a leg to stand on in court, as the plans they issued would be deemed illegal at the outset.

Additionally, the Upton bill will make Obamacare unworkable for the insurance companies, because it will mean the only people who will be getting insured under the ACA will be very sick people, and that will not support the system.

And finally, the bill the Dems want to pass will not do anything really (it will just appear to be a response), and the same problem will arise for the insurance companies.

So maybe Obamacare has not totally collapse yet, but...
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Hot Air has a long series of quotations from Obama lovers about how all their evil plans have been destroyed, unexpectedly, here at the hour of their greatest triumph.

As Jonah Goldberg put it, it is an Obamacare Schadenfreudearama.


But this all reminds me of the Tolkienist concept of Eucatastrophe:
Eucatastrophe is a term coined by J. R. R. Tolkien which refers to the sudden turn of events at the end of a story which ensures that the protagonist does not meet some terrible, impending, and very plausible doom.[1] He formed the word by affixing the Greek prefix eu, meaning good, to catastrophe, the word traditionally used in classically-inspired literary criticism to refer to the "unraveling" or conclusion of a drama's plot. 
For Tolkien, the term appears to have had a thematic meaning that went beyond its literal etymological meaning in terms of form.[how?] In his definition as outlined in his 1947 essay On Fairy-Stories,[2] eucatastrophe is a fundamental part of his conception of mythopoeia.[how?] Though Tolkien's interest is in myth, it is also connected to the gospels; Tolkien calls the Incarnationthe eucatastrophe of "human history" and the Resurrection the eucatastrophe of the Incarnation.[3] 
It could be said that the climax of The Lord of the Rings is a eucatastrophe. Though victory seems assured for Sauron, the One Ring is permanently destroyed as a result of Gollum's treachery, and with it the Dark Lord and his fortress of Barad-dûr
This occurs despite Frodo, the chief protagonist, giving in to the will of the Ring and claiming it for himself. Essentially, it is an ostensibly dire situation which is nevertheless salvaged through some unforeseeable turn of events. 

Now, the collapse of Obamacare was not "some unforeseeable turn of events." We've been predicting it since the beginning, based upon Obama's own admission (as well as the admission of many of the bill's supporters) that the ACA was created to be merely a prelude to a Single-Payer System. In other words, Obama himself conceived of Obamacare as a collapsible plan. It was BUILT TO FAIL.

Anyone with half a brain ought to recognize that. He said he would build a AFA that would fail and turn into a Single Payer system, and he kept that promise. He did exactly what he said he'd do.

The only thing he was not specific about was how quickly it would fail. I would never have expected it to totally collapse at the outset. But, I guess when your heart is not in the success of a piece of legislation, you'll take your eye off the ball. Right?

Anyway, it appears at this time that Obamacare is collapsing, and to hear Obama's fellows tell the story, it appears the collapse will take Obama with it, and perhaps even lead to the collapse of the Progressive Agenda itself.

Is this the Second Fall of the Berlin Wall?

I doubt it, but let's exult in the moment anyway:


That the administration knew [of the cancellations] and failed to anticipate the inevitable outcry is political malpractice of the highest order. That policyholders who received cancellation notices didn’t have a functional Web site on which to seek alternatives makes that preexisting condition exponentially worse…
Listening to the president Thursday was painful. He acknowledged the need “to win back some credibility.” He “fumbled the rollout” of health care. He is “letting . . . down” congressional Democrats who took the risk of supporting Obamacare. Although he’s sometimes been “slapped around a little bit unjustly,” the president said, “This one’s deserved, all right? It’s on us.”
Can he recover? I’m sorry to say: I’m not at all confident.
Obama’s latest claim will be just one more unmet expectation to be thrown back in the face of a leader who likes to tell his own worried aides when things are going badly, “I got this.” Except when he doesn’t.
“At every single point, they’ve over-promised and under-delivered” on Obamacare, said Matthew Dowd, George W. Bush’s former pollster who grew so disillusioned with his old boss’s performance that he voted for Obama. “And at every single point, they’ve chosen a short-term communications strategy, as opposed to a long-term governing strategy. And the short-term communication strategy was to put out the fire by saying ‘It’s all going to be OK.”’…
“They’ve endured far more long-term pain from their happy talk than they would have short-term pain from telling the truth,” [former speechwriter Daniel Pink] said. “I fear this is going to go into the annals with George H. W. Bush’s ‘no new taxes,’ and Bill Clinton’s ‘I didn’t have sex with that woman.’ It strikes me as something very sticky.”
“There’s a piece of me that says this thing is just so complicated that God couldn’t have implemented it,” said Tom Peters, the veteran management guru and co-author of “In Search of Excellence.” “Every time you make one little adjustment, there are probably 150, if not 1,000, regulations that have to be taken into account. Would it be doable if it was inside a Google, with all the things the private sector allows you to do? But presumably at the top of the administration, I have to assume there was de facto no oversight of this thing.”
Democrats are fully aware of how their “fixes” are potentially fatal for the most expansive liberal reform in generations. They do not care. The political threat is that grave. Initially, they warned the president that he must do something to stop the bleeding. After President Bill Clinton admonished the president for failing to honor his “commitment” to voters, Democrats stopped asking…
This is a tale of misfortune and woe so Shakespearean that only history’s greatest bards could have ever dreamed it. So many liberals sacrificed so much to bring this creation to life. As it has become clear that their creation is a monster, they are struggling against the increasingly inescapable realization that they may have to kill it in order to save themselves, and their party, from an age in the wilderness.
Obamacare’s success would’ve affirmed the theories underlying Obama’s presidency — theories that could then be picked up by future presidents. Instead, Obamacare issystematically blowing apart the very premises it’s based on.
The reliance on Republican policy proposals did nothing to generate Republican support. Instead of showing the falseness of partisan divisions, Obamacare has proven how deeply entrenched they truly are.
Far from introducing innovation and efficiency into the system, the decision to build a complex, 50-state public-private hybrid has introduced towering complexity into the project, and seems, potentially, to be beyond the government’s capacity to do well.
And protecting individuals from the predations of the market has mostly led to complaints from those benefitting from the predations of the market. Even the most unjust system has winners, and those winners cling tightly to what they’ve won.
Read more »
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Silver Springs

Fleetwood Mac

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An imam caught agreeing to marry off a 14-year-old girl has been welcomed back to his mosque job, despite protests from worshippers.
Sajid Zafar Hussain has spent the past month suspended from his post at the Jamatia Islamic Centre on Woodlands Road, Sparkhill.
He was caught on film agreeing to arrange the wedding ceremony by undercover TV reporters posing as the mother and brother of the schoolgirl.
Yesterday, we posted that two people were arrested in the UK for performing a Clitorectomy on a five-month-old girl.

Epa wondered what the two would be charged with.

I said, nothing. This stuff happens all the time in England.

Here you go. This guy is going to set up an Arranged Rape of a child, and it's publicized all over England, and he's still the Imam of the Birmingham Mosque.

Pamela Geller is really not exaggerating when she says that much of Europe has decided to make it's own law code subservient to Sharia. 


The Sharia Project was established to implement Islamic law in Waltham Forest

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I always love him, but thank God for Mark Steyn at a time like this:
The most telling line, the one that encapsulates the gulf between the boundless fantasies of the faculty-lounge utopian and the messiness of reality, was this: “What we’re also discovering is that insurance is complicated to buy.” 
Gee, thanks for sharing, genius. Maybe you should have thought of that before you governmentalized one-sixth of the economy. 
By “we,” the president means “I.” 
Out here in the ruder provinces of his decrepit realm, we “folks” are well aware of how complicated insurance is. What isn’t complicated in the Sultanate of Sclerosis? But, as with so many other things, Obama always gives the vague impression that routine features of humdrum human existence are entirely alien to him. 
Marie Antoinette, informed that the peasantry could no longer afford bread, is alleged to have responded, “Let them eat cake.” There is no evidence these words ever passed her lips, but certainly no one ever accused her of saying, “If you like your cake, you can keep your cake,” and then having to walk it back with 
“What we’re also discovering is that cake is complicated to buy.” That contribution to the annals of monarchical unworldliness had to await the reign of Queen Barry Antoinette, whose powdered wig seems to have slipped over his eyes. 
Still, as historian Michael Beschloss pronounced the day after his election, he’s “probably the smartest guy ever to become president.” Naturally, Obama shares this assessment. As he assured us five years ago, “I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors.” Well, apart from his signature health-care policy. That’s a mystery to him. 
“I was not informed directly that the website would not be working,” he told us. The buck stops with something called “the executive branch,” which is apparently nothing to do with him. 
As evidence that he was entirely out of the loop, he offered this: Had I been I informed, I wouldn’t be going out saying, “Boy, this is going to be great.” You know, I’m accused of a lot of things, but I don’t think I’m stupid enough to go around saying, “This is going to be like shopping on Amazon or Travelocity,” a week before the website opens, if I thought that it wasn’t going to work. 
So, if I follow correctly, the smartest president ever is not smart enough to ensure that his website works; he’s not smart enough to inquire of others as to whether his website works; he’s not smart enough to check that his website works before he goes out and tells people what a great website experience they’re in for. But he is smart enough to know that he’s not stupid enough to go around bragging about how well it works if he’d already been informed that it doesn’t work. 
So he’s smart enough to know that if he’d known what he didn’t know he’d know enough not to let it be known that he knew nothing. 
The country’s in the very best of hands. Michael Beschloss is right: This is what it means to be smart in a neo-monarchical America. Obama spake, and it shall be so. And, if it turns out not to be so, why pick on him? He talks a good Royal Proclamation; why get hung up on details?
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Friday, November 15, 2013

Undercover Video: Late-term Abortion Worker Describes Stabbing Babies’ Skulls

From Life Site News:
ALBUQUERQUE, NM, November 14, 2013 – A worker at an Albuquerque late-term abortion facility told an undercover reporter that stabbing an unborn child’s skull with a needle is “the most humane” way to assure the baby’s demise. 
The unnamed counselor works at Albuquerque’s Southwestern Women’s Options, one of the few facilities in the nation to perform abortions in the third trimester. The process lasts one week and costs $8,000. 
“Every week that goes by, the fee goes up by another $1,000,” a worker explained. A counselor then explained the process of abortion to an undercover reporter with Live Action. 
The injection “is going straight into the sac, straight into the” – she pauses noticeably – “pregnancy.” 
Depending on how the baby is situated, the needle will pierce “the baby’s bottom” or, most likely, “through the head, the cranium.” 
When the mother asked if the child could feel pain, the counselor balked. 
“I don’t know if it’s developed enough to feel it,” she said. “I don’t think so,” she offered. “It might be.”
When the reporter asked how the abortion worker felt about the possibility that her victims felt intense pain, the woman responded the regimen is “necessary for the procedure to happen and, ultimately, um, safest, and kind of the most, kinda, humane way to do it.” 
The process, she admitted, results in “a dead baby.” Scientists agree the neurological circuitry necessary for the child to feel pain – which begins developing at four-to-eight weeks – is completed by week 20, or week 24 at the latest. 
The site's abortionist, Dr. Carmen Landau, said many of her patients come to SWO because it is one of the few places that will perform an abortion so late in the pregnancy. 
“People come from all over the country and all over the world into our clinic,” Landau said, “because in most places you cannot get an abortion after 24 weeks.”
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Gillian Welch
St. Luke's Full Concert August 4, 2004 London

00:30 - I Want To Sing That Rock And Roll
03:47 - Make Me Down A Pallet On Your Floor
07:11 - Elvis Presley Blues
12:17 - Look At Miss Ohio
16:24 - Red Clay Halo
20:10 - My First Lover
23:58 - One Little Song
27:23 - Revelator
35:12 - By The Mark
38:51 - The Way It Will Be
45:04 - Caleb Meyer
48:40 - I'll Fly Away
52:39 - The Weight (with Old Crow Medicine Show)

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Obamacare Shopping Page Views Volatile, drop by over 50%

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Hey Barack

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Obama voters caught on tape!

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Oh No, Not The Death Spiral, Part II: Obamacare Architect: What Is Happening Now “Could Be The Beginning of a Death Spiral”


Harvard professor David Cutler, a so-called architect of Obamacare, says we “could be” witnessing “the beginning of a death spiral” for the unpopular health care bill. 
Cutler made the comments last night on Fox News: 
“So when you were on last week I asked you, if they don’t get enough people in the exchanges, then what happens?” said host Megyn Kelly. “And you said then the premiums go up very, very high. Now, was that ball put in motion today?”
"We don't know yet," said Cutler. "So what the president is trying to do is to say the website is not working, the exchanges are not working. Let's try and slow the process down and delay it by a year. And if it turns out to be a delay of a year, then we can work through that. It would be uncomfortable as it has been for the past month, but it will turn out okay. If it becomes a permanent situation that people who are healthier stay away and people who are sicker go into the exchanges, that becomes a very big problem." 
"Is that the beginning of the so-called death spiral?" 
"That could be the beginning of a death spiral," said Cutler. "That is, you could have a situation where the only people in the exchanges are very unhealthy people with very high premiums."

White House Concedes Premiums For Health Plans On Obamacare Exchange Are More Expensive Than Previous Plans Even With Subsidies

A little piece of advice for Obama:

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Aaron Lewis: Don't Tread On Me!

I’m a Constitutionalist. I believe in the constitution, the powers that it sets forth, I believe in the limited powers that it sets forth. I believe that the government – on both sides – is just as responsible and just as out of control.

The fact of the matter is that the federal government is supposed to be doing 18 things efficiently and properly. Most of these things don’t even get looked at because they’re so busy doing stuff that they’re not even supposed to be doing. Everything is supposed to be on the state and local level.

Why does all the money from the state go to Washington, D.C., first before it comes back to the state? There are so many things broken about a system that was so amazing and so perfect on conception, that the creation of this country and the document that created it made this country the most sought after place in the world for many, many years.

Somewhere along the way as a society we lost all the values that made this country great to begin with. (Like) going out and working for a dollar and working hard to earn your keep and expecting nothing from anyone, expecting no hand-outs, knowing that nothing in life is free. All these things have just vanished. I mean, look at MTV.

They should all be burned at the stake for what they’re doing, for the programming they’re putting forward for our children to watch. There are so many things that have been allowed to just get so far out of control that the only way to fix it is to go back to the design.

This whole entitlement society that we live in today. Everybody thinks that they’re supposed to get something. Where did that come from? I don’t understand. I don’t understand how people today can think that somebody’s going to provide for them.


I guess looking back as a teenager I was always kind of rebellious, anti-government (and) anti-establishment like so many punk-ass kids, I was no different.

I’ve had jobs that I was paid under the table for, just like everybody has. But, I have a family, I have a career. I work very, very hard for my money, and I sacrifice a lot to earn a living, to keep food on my table and to keep a roof over my family’s head.

For someone who chooses to do nothing with their life, to be able to participate in the fruits of my labor is completely unacceptable to me. It’s one thing if I choose to involve you into the fruits of my labor, whether it’s because you are utilizing this wonderful system of capitalism and you’ve figured a way to create a job within what it is that I’m doing or whether I charitably invite you in, that’s my choice and it’s the choice of every free citizen in these United States.

Nobody is going to tell me that the government knows better as to what to do with my money than I do. I do so much without being told to do it, I don’t need to be told to provide for a bunch of people that wouldn’t get off their ass and provide for themselves. That would be like being in high school and studying your ass off to make sure that you got an A in a test and then the guy who did nothing but party all week and blew off studying gets an F and you both get Cs because he gets to share in your hard work.

It’s not right. Life isn’t fair. It’s not all roses. It’s hard work. Life is commitment; life is diligence.


The funny thing with that is because I make mention to the Gadsden flag in “Country Boy,” everybody just assumed I’m a Tea Party member.

Y’know that Gadsden flag stood for something. It was in defiance of England and in defiance of those who chose to keep us underneath their thumb. I had “Don’t Tread on Me,” tattooed across my throat before the Tea Party ever jumped on the whole Gadsden flag thing.

Y’know, I love my country. It’s the best country in the world. I’ve been all over the world, and this is the best country in the world, and I’m very proud of that.

On my bicep I have a big waving American flag that has encrypted over the top of it “Proudly made in the U.S.A.” I don’t think it’s political. I love my country. It’s patriotic.

Read the rest here.

Got two flags flying 'bove my land
that really sum up how I feel
one is the colors that fly high and proud
the red the white the blue
the other one's got a rattlesnake
with a simple statement made
don't tread on me is what it says
and I'll take that to my grave 

This is me I'm proud to be American and strong in my beliefs.
I'll say it before and I'll say it again
I've never needed government to hold my hand
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Brandeis Plans ‘Detailed Discussions’ With Palestinian Partner School After Nazi-Style Rally


What is there to discuss?
Please don't want to kill us a little nicer?
Use your words?
File under AYFKM?

Two Brandeis University faculty members will have “detailed discussions” with administrators at Al Quds University, a Palestinian school Brandeis partners with, regarding “a number of troubling allegations” in the aftermath of a Nazi-style military rally at Al Quds, Brandeis Senior Vice President for Communications Ellen de Graffenreid told JNS.org on Thursday.
In recently posted photos by Middle East analyst Tom Gross, students are shown wearing black military gear, carrying fake automatic weapons, and giving the Nazi salute during a march on the Al Quds campus. Additionally, several rally participants portrayed dead Israeli soldiers and trampled a banner painted with Jewish stars.
The two Brandeis faculty members who will discuss the matter with Al Quds left Thursday for what was a previously planned trip, de Graffenreid said. Brandeis President Fred Lawrence “expects a detailed report from them [about the Al Quds situation] upon their return,” she added.
“The Brandeis University community abhors the actions that took place on the Al-Quds University campus and condemns all acts that incite or encourage senseless violence,” Lawrence wrote on the Brandeis First blog..
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The Protocols of the Elders of The United Nations

Heh. So they aren't ALL out of the fucking gourds.

From Atlas:

UN Watch is reporting that a U.N. interpreter spoke the truth today -- unaware that her microphone was on -- as the UN General Assembly slammed Israel in nine resolutions and adopted none on the rest of the world.
The list of today's resolutions with full text and voting results is here.
Hot Mic Catches U.N. Interpreter Saying 9 Resolutions on Israel and 0 on Rest of World is "A Little Weird" The Times of Israel, November 14, 2013
Under the mistaken impression that she was speaking only to a colleague, the interpreter uttered the following words into the headphones of every UN delegate, and before a live webcast audience worldwide:
“Isn’t it a little weird? There are nine or ten resolutions against Israel. And I know there’s a problem with the Palestinians. But there’s other bad shit going on and they’re spending so much time on this.”
Laughter erupted among the delegates. “The interpreter apologizes,” said the unfortunate truth-teller, moments later. I sincerely hope she won’t get fired.
Because the one who should really apologize today is the UN. Founded on noble ideals, the world body is turning the dream of liberal internationalists into a nightmare.
Thursday a United Nations interpreter, unaware that her microphone was on, uttered words of truth in reaction to the General Assembly’s adoption of nine politically-motivated resolutions condemning Israel, and zero resolutions on the rest of the world. 
Continue reading "Hot Mic Catches U.N. Interpreter Saying 9 Resolutions on Israel and 0 on Rest of World is "A Little Weird"" »
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Obama's World Today: "Total and Unmitigated Disaster"

Today's New York Post

From Ace:
So far, state insurance commissioners in Washington state, D.C.Arkansas, andVermont -- all of them Democrats -- have rejected Obama's "fix" to Obamacare that guts the exchanges. 
Obama has summoned the CEOs of several insurance companies to the White House for a meeting today, presumably on the Obamacare "fix." Apparently, checking with the insurance companies before enlisting them in a scheme with major practical and legal consequences didn't occur to the White House. 
"'I don’t know how he f—-ed this up so badly,' said one House Democrat who has been very supportive of Obama in the past." 
Last night Obama threatened to veto the "Keep Your Health Plan Act" a/k/a the Upton bill that the House is going to vote on today. The bill guts the Obamacare exchanges by allowing people whose policies would be cancelled because of Obamacare and people who never even had insurance to buy insurance on the individual market that doesn't meet Obamacare's expensive minimum requirements. 
Here's some advice for Obama:

Question: What is "the right thing" for a leader to do when he has completely failed his country?

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Israeli inventers: ‘Green feed’ fuel could replace gasoline

Remember that story about how the world would be so different if Moses had made a right after crossing the Red Sea?
No so fast.
God DID give us brains to use.
Israel has reported the invention of a green alternative to crude oil.
Israel’s Ben-Gurion University asserted that researchers developed a method to use water and carbon dioxide to produce fuel.
The university said its government-supported team produced what was termed a “green feed” that could be converted into liquid fuel and replace gasoline.
“It is envisaged that the short-term implementation of the process will combine synthetic gas produced from various renewable and alternative sources with carbon dioxide and hydrogen,” Mordechai Herskowitz, vice president of research, said.
“Since there are no foreseen technological barriers, the new process should become a reality within five to 10 years.”
Herskowitz said the university has submitted a patent for the green fuel. He said bench experiments have been completed and the process would be demonstrated to industry.
Here’s hoping this is cheaper than oil from beneath the ground.
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“I don’t think there’s anything for us to apologize for”

Thomas Clyburn, #3 democrat in the House, responding to a question about whether democrats in the House should apologize to the American people at least as the President did, for violating the promise that .. well .. you know.
"There is nothing in the Affordable Care Act that said that your insurance company should cancel you," said Minority Leader Pelosi.
In fact, the Affordable Care Act says that plans created after March of 2010 must be cancelled (and others matched to O’care for changes as small as $5), and the law also gave the administration the authority to write regulations that forced the cancellation of some policies that existed prior to March 2010.
"Did I ever tell my constituents that if they liked their plan they could keep it?" Pelosi asked. "I would have if I’d ever met anybody who liked his or her plan. But that was not my experience.”
In fact, Pelosi’s website still states: “Keep your doctor, and your current plan, if you like them.
"As far as the Affordable Care Act is concerned, what the president said was completely accurate," Pelosi said. 
The self delusion around this catastrophic launch is a truly amazing spectacle. What would these people be like if their own stupidities got us into a war we were losing?
They may have an aptitude for the political ways of a corrupt, elite and self entitled DC, BUT THEY ARE QUITE STUPID and out of touch.
I guarantee you there is hilarity and confusion in Moscow, Beijing and Teheran, and anger and confusion in Cairo, Riyadh, Kuwait City and Jerusalem.
And in America.
Just pull the other lever, people until we get 535 people who GET IT.
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Where's Israel? Scholastic recalls kids' books that omit the country on map

This is what happens when publishers of curriculum consult with medieval Islamofascist morons as to how to frame history, geography, and other supposedly academic subjects.

Our children's textbooks are being filled with such nonsense at every level.

Thank God someone caught Scholastic in the act. They would have never caught themselves, in my opinion. Why do I say that? Because it is likely they are in general agreement with the propaganda they are publishing.

Truth and historical accuracy do not matter to such people. Only making sure the narrative is right so they can carve out another generation of young minds in their image.

From Yahoo News:
A children's book that omitted Israel from an illustrated map has raised the ire of readers and prompted the publisher to issue an apology. 
"Thea Stilton and the Blue Scarab Hunt" is part of a series and tells the story of a group of treasure hunting mouse-journalists seeking fortune in the Middle East. 
The book contains a map of Egypt and its surrounding countries. 
However, Israel is missing, an error that was noticed on Twitter.

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