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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Gods Have Made Them Mad

From the American Thinker:
It used to strike me as impossible for global warming to cause cold weather.  Then I realized that I could chill a soft drink in the oven if there were no room left in the refrigerator to bake a cake.  
Up until then I did not know that the same cause can have opposite effects.  In my unenlightened state, it never occurred to me that carbon dioxide could cause both excessive heat and excessive cold, both drought and flood. 
I should have known.  After all, we calm hyperactive children with stimulants and cure addiction to drugs with addicting drugs.  When the government goes too far in debt, it borrows more money.   We achieve diversity through uniformity.  We overcome racism with racism.  When children don't learn, we send them to schools that don't teach.  We question authority by believing the authorities.  
We tell the truth with lies and lie with the truth.  Lying about Ferguson is merely the way to advance the larger truth that our cops are racist.  Telling the truth about Ferguson impedes our understanding. 
We exercise our reproductive freedom with birth control pills and abortions.  The pills, you see, both prevent a woman from giving birth and make her free to reproduce, as if no one had a baby before the invention of the Pill.  An abortion both kills a baby and gives life. 
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton quieted raging mobs in Pakistan by telling them they had every right to be angry, and now he tells criminals that the police are unfair to them.  He claims to seek trust between minorities and the police by saying the police are racists.  Rioters speak truth to power by intimidating powerless witnesses into lying.  They can afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted by setting fire to neighborhoods where no one is comfortable and all are afflicted. 
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