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Against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures,
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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Holder Won't Investigate the IRS, But He Will Investigate The Obama Outhouse Float

Fuck Barack Obama that stupid piece of shit President.

And fuck Eric Holder too. He's even lower than a piece of shit. He is bloody diarrhetic cancer pus.

Omaha.com reported:
The U.S. Department of Justice has joined the discussions over a controversial float in the Norfolk Independence Day parade. The department sent a member of its Community Relations Service team, which gets involved in discrimination disputes, to a Thursday meeting about the issue. 
Also at the meeting were the NAACP, the Norfolk mayor and The Independent Order of Odd Fellows. The Odd Fellows organized the parade. One of the floats included a zombie-like mannequin standing near an outhouse labeled “Obama Presidential Library.” 
The float’s creator, Dale Remmich, has said the mannequin depicted himself, not President Barack Obama. He said he is upset with the president’s handling of the Veterans Affairs Department.
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What I've/We've Been Saying for a Very Long TIme Now

The Guardian:

The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control
At least 80% of all audio calls, not just metadata, are recorded and stored in the US, says whistleblower William Binney – that's a 'totalitarian mentality'

William Binney is one of the highest-level whistleblowers to ever emerge from the NSA. He was a leading code-breaker against the Soviet Union during the Cold War but resigned soon after September 11, disgusted by Washington’s move towards mass surveillance.
On 5 July he spoke at a conference in London organised by the Centre for Investigative Journalism and revealed the extent of the surveillance programs unleashed by the Bush and Obama administrations.
“At least 80% of fibre-optic cables globally go via the US”, Binney said. “This is no accident and allows the US to view all communication coming in. At least 80% of all audio calls, not just metadata, are recorded and stored in the US. The NSA lies about what it stores.”
The NSA will soon be able to collect 966 exabytes a year, the total of internet traffic annually. Former Google head Eric Schmidt once argued that the entire amount of knowledge from the beginning of humankind until 2003 amount to only five exabytes.
Binney, who featured in a 2012 short film by Oscar-nominated US film-maker Laura Poitras, described a future where surveillance is ubiquitous and government intrusion unlimited.
“The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control”, Binney said, “but I’m a little optimistic with some recent Supreme Court decisions, such as law enforcement mostly now needing a warrant before searching a smartphone.”
He praised the revelations and bravery of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and told me that he had indirect contact with a number of other NSA employees who felt disgusted with the agency’s work. They’re keen to speak out but fear retribution and exile, not unlike Snowden himself, who is likely to remain there for some time.
Unlike Snowden, Binney didn’t take any documents with him when he left the NSA. He now says that hard evidence of illegal spying would have been invaluable. The latest Snowden leaks, featured in the Washington Post, detail private conversations of average Americans with no connection to extremism.
It shows that the NSA is not just pursuing terrorism, as it claims, but ordinary citizens going about their daily communications. “The NSA is mass-collecting on everyone”, Binney said, “and it’s said to be about terrorism but inside the US it has stopped zero attacks.”
The lack of official oversight is one of Binney’s key concerns, particularly of the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (Fisa), which is held out by NSA defenders as a sign of the surveillance scheme's constitutionality.
“The Fisa court has only the government’s point of view”, he argued. “There are no other views for the judges to consider. There have been at least 15-20 trillion constitutional violations for US domestic audiences and you can double that globally.”
A Fisa court in 2010 allowed the NSA to spy on 193 countries around the world, plus the World Bank, though there’s evidence that even the nations the US isn’t supposed to monitor – Five Eyes allies Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – aren’t immune from being spied on. It’s why encryption is today so essential to transmit information safely.
Binney recently told the German NSA inquiry committee that his former employer had a “totalitarian mentality” that was the "greatest threat" to US society since that country’s US Civil War in the 19th century. Despite this remarkable power, Binney still mocked the NSA’s failures, including missing this year’s Russian intervention in Ukraine and the Islamic State’s take-over of Iraq.
The era of mass surveillance has gone from the fringes of public debate to the mainstream, where it belongs. The Pew Research Centre released a report this month, Digital Life in 2025, that predicted worsening state control and censorship, reduced public trust, and increased commercialisation of every aspect of web culture.
It’s not just internet experts warning about the internet’s colonisation by state and corporate power. One of Europe’s leading web creators, Lena Thiele, presented her stunning series Netwars in London on the threat of cyber warfare. She showed how easy it is for governments and corporations to capture our personal information without us even realising.
Thiele said that the US budget for cyber security was US$67 billion in 2013 and will double by 2016. Much of this money is wasted and doesn't protect online infrastructure. This fact doesn’t worry the multinationals making a killing from the gross exaggeration of fear that permeates the public domain.
Wikileaks understands this reality better than most. Founder Julian Assange and investigative editor Sarah Harrison both remain in legal limbo. I spent time with Assange in his current home at the Ecuadorian embassy in London last week, where he continues to work, release leaks, and fight various legal battles. He hopes to resolve his predicament soon.
At the Centre for Investigative Journalism conference, Harrison stressed the importance of journalists who work with technologists to best report the NSA stories. “It’s no accident”, she said, “that some of the best stories on the NSA are in Germany, where there’s technical assistance from people like Jacob Appelbaum.”
A core Wikileaks belief, she stressed, is releasing all documents in their entirety, something the group criticised the news site The Intercept for not doing on a recent story. “The full archive should always be published”, Harrison said.
With 8m documents on its website after years of leaking, the importance of publishing and maintaining source documents for the media, general public and court cases can’t be under-estimated. “I see Wikileaks as a library”, Assange said. “We’re the librarians who can’t say no.”
With evidence that there could be a second NSA leaker, the time for more aggressive reporting is now. As Binney said: “I call people who are covering up NSA crimes traitors”.


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Charlie Haden RIP

Charlie Haden, one of the most influential bassists in the history of jazz, died on Friday in Los Angeles. He was 76. His death was confirmed by Ruth Cameron, his wife of 30 years.

For the last several years he had been struggling with the degenerative effects of post-polio syndrome, related to the polio he contracted in his youth. Mr. Haden had a deep, grounded way with the bass and a warm, softly resonant tone.

His approach to harmony was deeply intuitive and sometimes deceivingly simple, always with a firm relationship to a piece’s chordal root. Along with his calm, unbudging rhythmic aplomb, this served him well in settings ranging from the ragged and intrepid to the satiny and refined.

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Don Lemon Tells Paul Rodriguez He Can’t Want to Deport Illegals Because He’s an Immigrant!

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What Muslims Are Good At

From Vlad Tepes Blog:
This video is so gruesome that one must under no circumstances show it to children or to highly sensitive adults. It shows how Muslim ISIS killers kill people. However, this video is different in one respect: they slowly cut the throat of one “unbeliever” and repeatedly interrupt the excruciating procedure in order to delight at the victim’s stertorous groaning and rolling eyes.  
The barbaric Mohammedans place their smart phones in the face of the pitiable individual whose head was already half cut through, and film it. One of them kicked the dying man in the head as well. All the while they continually shout “Allahu Akbar”, for Islam provides them with the legitimation for living out their perversely ferocious fantasies. 
Urgent warning: Only people with strong nerves should watch this actual horror film.

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Second Federal Judge Orders IRS To Explain “Lost” Lerner Emails Under Oath

From Fox News:
A second federal judge has now ordered the IRS to explain under oath how the agency lost emails from former division director Lois Lerner, the woman at the heart of the Tea Party targeting scandal. 
U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton told Obama administration lawyers on Friday he wants to see an affidavit explaining what happened with Lerner’s hard drive. 
The IRS claims her computer suffered a crash in 2011 that wiped her email records at the time clean. 
But at a hearing examining a lawsuit against the IRS by conservative group True the Vote, Walton said he wants to know what happened to Lerner’s hard drive, which allegedly was recycled. 
He asked for an affidavit from those involved in handling the crashed drive. 
The order is another boost for those questioning the agency’s claims that many Lerner emails from that time period are not recoverable. 
A day earlier, in a separate case brought by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan gave the tax agency 30 days to file a declaration by an “appropriate official” to address the computer issues involving Lerner.
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Friday, July 11, 2014

The Black Keys
Tighten Up

Howlin' For You

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The Daily Obamanation

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Who Is Paying For It? Ad Offers Up To $6000/Month Tax Free For People To House Illegal Alien “Children” In Their Homes

Who do you think?


From Breitbart:
HOUSTON, Texas–An ad placed in the Penny Saver Newspaper in Murrieta, California is seeking “loving, compassionate parents to provide a loving home” for illegal immigrant minors, according to a local reader of the publication. 
Lisa Maloney Vinton, a Murrieta resident, provided Breitbart Texas with a purported copy of the advertisement, which was put up by the Crittenton Services and Foster Family Agency. 
It says, “Help heal the wounds … for children in foster care programs including survivors of human trafficking and unaccompanied refugee minors.” 
Parents who offer up their homes could have a child placed in their home in “as short as 45 days” and be paid up to $6,054 per month, according to the advertisement. 
Cindy Lemos, another Murrieta resident, told Breitbart Texas that she called the number on the advertisement. 
She said, “I called this afternoon and the gentlemen I spoke to told me that they are receiving the illegal immigrants but that none of them are under the age of 12. I asked him where all the younger children were… he told me that he was wondering the exact same thing.”
I'm hearing most of these "kids" are 14-17 years old.

Maybe they are to be among Obama's Civilian Army that is just as big, just as well-funded as the American Military.
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Boehner's Stunt

From Drew at Ace of Spades:

Yesterday Speaker of the House John Boehner announced that in the coming weeks he will bring before the House a resolution authorizing a lawsuit against the President. The heart of the lawsuit will allege that Obama has failed to live up to his oath by ignoring/rewriting parts of the Affordable Care Act, specifically his unilateral and extralegal delay in enforcing the employer mandate.
This is a ridiculous, meaningless stunt designed to enable the GOP to tell voters they are doing something while not doing anything that will matter.

Messaging problems aside (and if you think the GOP messaging geniuses can sell the double bank-shot argument that they hate the mandate but want it enforced, I have a bridge for sale), consider what Boehner is doing here. Everyone knows the mandate will throw the majority of the insurance market into chaos far worse than what we saw this winter in the individual market. Clearly Boehner doesn’t want that outcome which is pretty strong evidence this is a stunt. If he wins, the employer mandate will instantly go into effect. The Supreme Court doesn’t issue rulings that say, “We rule for the plaintiff but we know he’s really just trying to score some political points. So even though he won, we won’t give him what he asked for.”

Another indication this is a stunt is the timing. Obama announced the employer mandate delay last July so it will be well over a year before the suit is even filed in court. Why the delay? Because if they had filed it last year, Boehner ran the risk of actually getting a verdict in this case.

The way the schedule will shake out, it’s extremely unlikely the Supreme Court (and this case will be appealed there by both parties) will ever rule on the merits of the suit. Why? Because before the courts decide if Obama actually violated the Constitution they will have to first decide if the House of Representatives even has standing (the right to bring the suit) in the first place. This will be litigated at the District, Appeals and Supreme Court levels. It’s almost impossible to imagine that the case will be heard by the Supreme Court any earlier than October of 2016. Obama will leave office 3 months after that and once his term is up, the case will be moot. And even if the Court rules prior to January 20th, 2017, that will just be on the standing issue. If the House is found to have standing the case will be sent back to the district court for trial at which point…it will dismissed as moot since Obama won’t be President any more.

Starting to see why this is a stunt?

Now, political stunts can be useful. They can draw attention to an issue, serve to rally political pressure and do all sorts of other things. But this isn’t a suit designed to do any of these things. It will be a long and technical court battle of standing.

This will not engage the public and arouse any public sentiment against Obama. And it’s not meant to. This particular type of political stunt is designed to kill an issue while simultaneously enabling a politician or politicians to say they are doing something.

Boehner can rally the troops by saying, “we are taking a tough stand against Obama’s overreach by going to court” but it doesn’t cost him anything (Literally. Taxpayers will be on the hook for the legal fees) but he can look tough. Meanwhile no effort will be made to rouse public opinion, the real power against an overreaching President. No, the issue will be tucked away in the hallowed halls of a courthouse, out of sight and out of mind. But something(!) is being done. 
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Obama Has 72% Approval Rating With Muslims

The First Muslim President

From Politico:
President Barack Obama’s approval rating is higher among Muslims than any other religious group, a new poll says. 
According to a Gallup poll released Friday that tracked responses for the first six months of 2014, 72 percent of Muslims said they approve of the president, compared with just 20 percent who disapprove. 
Mormons were the least approving religious group, with 18 percent of Mormons approving and 78 percent disapproving of the president. 
Mormons in the past have ranked as the most conservative major religious group in the U.S. 
The survey underscores a religious divide when it comes to presidential approval — Obama is more popular among non-Christians and less popular among Christians. 
Those who classify as “Other non-Christian” gave the president a 59 percent approval rating, while Jewish Americans gave Obama a 55 percent approval rating and atheists or those who subscribe to no religion have a 54 percent approval rating. 
Catholics, on the other hand, have only a 44 percent approval rating of Obama, compared with 51 percent disapproval. 
Protestants and other Christians are more critical, with 37 percent approving and 58 percent disapproving.
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ZZ Ward
Put The Gun Down

365 Days


Lil Darlin

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Federal Judge Orders IRS To Have An Official Explain Lost Lois Lerner Emails “Under Oath”

From Fox News:
A federal judge has ordered the IRS to explain “under oath” how the agency lost a trove of emails from the official at the heart of the Tea Party targeting scandal. 
U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan gave the tax agency 30 days to file a declaration by an “appropriate official” to address the computer issues with ex-official Lois Lerner. 
The decision came Thursday as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, which along with GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill has questioned how the IRS lost the emails and, in some cases, had no apparent way to retrieve them. 
The IRS first acknowledged it lost the emails in a letter to senators last month. 
“In our view, there has been a cover-up that has been going on,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. 
“The Department of Justice, the IRS, had an obligation, an absolute obligation … to alert the court and alert Judicial Watch as soon as they knew when these records were supposedly lost.” 
The IRS says it lost the emails in 2011 when Lerner’s computer crashed. At the time, Lerner headed the IRS division that processes applications for tax-exempt status. She has since retired.
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This Week On The Gathering Storm

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch.

The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Our scheduled guest this week is IQ al Rassooli.

Listen to the July 11, 2014 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

Read more »

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The Moral Crisis on Our Southern Border --- A perfect storm of special interests have hijacked U.S. immigration law

From Victor Davis Hanson:
No one knows just how many tens of thousands of Central American nationals — most of them desperate, unescorted children and teens — are streaming across America’s southern border. Yet this phenomenon offers us a proverbial teachable moment about the paradoxes and hypocrisies of Latin American immigration to the U.S. 
For all the pop romance in Latin America associated with Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba, few Latinos prefer to immigrate to such communist utopias or to socialist spin-offs like Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, or Peru. 
Instead, hundreds of thousands of poor people continue to risk danger to enter democratic, free-market America, which they have often been taught back home is the source of their misery. 
They either believe that America’s supposedly inadequate social safety net is far better than the one back home, or that its purportedly cruel free market gives them more opportunities than anywhere in Latin America — or both. 
Mexico strictly enforces some of the harshest immigration laws in the world that either summarily deport or jail most who dare to cross Mexican borders illegally, much less attempt to work inside Mexico or become politically active. 
If America were to emulate Mexico’s immigration policies, millions of Mexican nationals living in the U.S. immediately would be sent home. 
How, then, are tens of thousands of Central American children crossing with impunity hundreds of miles of Mexican territory, often sitting atop Mexican trains? 
Does Mexico believe that the massive influxes will serve to render U.S. immigration law meaningless, and thereby completely shred an already porous border? 
Is Mexico simply ensuring that the surge of poorer Central Americans doesn’t dare stop in Mexico on its way north? 
The media talks of a moral crisis on the border. It is certainly that, but not entirely in the way we are told. 
What sort of callous parents simply send their children as pawns northward without escort, in selfish hopes of soon winning for themselves either remittances or eventual passage to the U.S? 
What sort of government allows its vulnerable youth to pack up and leave, without taking any responsibility for such mass flight?
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Understanding The "Border Crisis" Is To Understand Obama

From Erik Rush:

“There is a deportation proceeding that is commenced against illegal migrants, including children. We are looking at ways to create additional options for dealing with the children in particular, consistent with our laws and our values.”
– DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” July 6, 2014
I was a tad puzzled with the exchange between DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson and David Gregory on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. While it’s true that Johnson’s monumental degree of equivocation with regard to whether the illegal alien children from Central America would or would not be deported was indicative of the Obama administration’s intention to keep as many of them in the U.S. as possible, the fact that he equivocated at all was, to me, noteworthy.
Let me explain. The tsunami of illegal alien children from Central America, their plight and the protestation of Americans fed up with the corrupt policies of the federal government with regard to illegal immigration is currently dominating the news cycle, and with good reason. It is evident that the Obama administration orchestrated this crisis in the mode of the Cloward-Piven Strategy of Orchestrated Crisis. It is a matter of public record that as early as January of this year, the administration was soliciting for private contractors to aid in the transport of these children – so they knew these kids were coming.
Recently, columnist and researcher Terresa Monroe-Hamilton revealed the involvement of Southwest Key Programs in the patchwork of activist organizations involved in this invasion. According to Monroe-Hamilton, this nonprofit organization (largely funded by government and state grants) “is the pipeline for the children into U.S. refugee camps and homes across the nation. Their specialty is reunifying illegal minors with their families. They are the underground railroad for the American invasion from the South. They are nationalistic in their connections and leadership. … [D]on’t be fooled by the charitable facade. This is a radical breeding ground. They are militant, Latino community organizers.”
Southwest Key also maintains close ties with the Marxist-leaning National Council of La Raza, which puts Southwest Key Programs at one degree of separation away from billionaire financier, Nazi collaborator, Obama crony and currency collapser extraordinaire, George Soros.
Thus, it only makes sense that deporting these unfortunate (and, for the record, horribly exploited) children would be, for the administration, quite self-defeating.
So, given what is obviously a well-established White House plan to inundate the U.S. with these children (as opposed to something the president learned about on the news), I would have expected Jeh Johnson to do what all of the president’s men (and women) have done in such instances when journalists ask sensitive questions – and that is, to lie, and then proceed as planned.
But Johnson didn’t do that; he hemmed and hawed and even repeated the canned quote (at the top of this article) once again before signing off with Gregory.
So what gives? I wondered. Why didn’t Johnson – like Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, John Kerry, Susan Rice and so many others – simply lie?
Well, it could be that Johnson has a conscience, or he’s become uncomfortable with what he’s being asked to do (he wouldn’t be the first), or that he’s among one of the very few people who find themselves working for someone who winds up being something quite different from that which was originally represented – and it scares him.
Johnson also wouldn’t be the first prominent liberal to express discomfort (intentionally or otherwise) with the situation involving the illegal immigrant children. Let’s not forget that it was David Gregory’s pointed questions that led to Johnson’s discomfort in the first place. While much of the establishment press continues to softball the White House on this issue, some journalists are asking real questions of our public servants – and occasionally, getting real answers.
Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, has been in the news quite a bit since the illegal alien minor crisis came to the fore. His district is comprised of several counties, with two on the border with Mexico. He hasn’t been stumping for a blanket amnesty for these kids, however; he’s been advocating for border security and the repatriation of the minor migrants. 

In a recent interview with CNN, he admitted that the Obama administration had incentivized this surge in illegal immigration, and said “they can stop it.”
However odd it may seem that a Democratic congressman isn’t summarily acting as a rubber stamp for the administration’s boilerplate Steve Urkel talking points, we’re likely to see more of this from Democratic politicians, who see the possibility that their constituents – Latino and otherwise – may turn against them in a big way if they fail to address the grave practical aspects of this crisis. Like the residents of Murietta, California, who took decisive action against the federal government’s attempted immigrant dump in their community, border-state residents are now feeling the real consequences of the administration’s actions.
But even the discomfort of Democratic lawmakers is of no moment to President Obama, who evidently believes that his end game – whatever that is – will be allowed to play out with little interference from the press, Congress, or anyone else.
The elephant in the room that must be addressed, since we now have everyone from regular Americans to Republican and Democratic lawmakers and governors decrying the administration’s deportment on this issue, is why – and there are two reasons for this. The first is that knowing why is the only way any of this will make sense. The second is that knowing why will shed light on the motives behind damn near every action and policy of this administration.
When Americans know that the minor migrant crisis was orchestrated by the administration to foment chaos and overwhelm federal border control authorities (thereby nullifying their function in maintaining border security and every frightening possibility this entails), they will be more receptive to the revelation that this president is operating from a playbook that includes the wholesale dissolution of the United States as a sovereign nation and constitutional republic.
And understanding what that means is the only thing that will rally Americans against this criminal administration and the forces, in and out of government, that have facilitated its crimes.

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What is HAMAS actually doing?

HAMAS’ strategy as the covenant describes and they sincerely believe is to ERADICATE Israel.
To do this, they are using as a tactic, the desire of the Israeli people to protect themselves from rocket fire, by using the innocent children of Gaza NOT as human shields, but as TARGETS.
Their hope is for a lot of video of dead children from the roofs and buildings where they are launching Fajr-5’s at the Israeli civilian population.
The strategy will be to use this in their effort to paint Israel as Nazi child killers for trying to defend against HAMAS rockets launched from, in the ‘best’ case a baby orphanage.
Israel should respond UNCONVENTIONALLY with weapons designed to render unconscious, sicken and scatter the civilian population which voted HAMAS in as their govt. and is as CULPABLE for this situation as the German or Japanese population in 1944.
For Israel to respond as they did in 2009 will have limited benefit unless they locate 100% of the 10,000 rockets HAMAS says they have, and do so with less than 100 casualties on both sides.

This is a challenge, but no one should have any doubt that patriotism in Gaza today means you have laid your infant on the roof of a building launching missiles at Israeli civilians, depending on the Jews to either allow themselves to be killed, proving they are too civilized to survive, or attack and try to avoid killing the babies used PURPOSEFULLY as victims.


Watch: Hamas Spokesman Encourages Using Civilians as Shields

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit continues to expose Hamas’s use of civilians as human shields.
Hours after it published photographic evidence of this, it published another video, this time of Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri admitting that the group uses civilians as human shields and encouraging Gazans to continue to do this.

Abu Zuhri’s comments were made on Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV. He referred to the night of June 8, when the IDF avoided civilian casualties by aborting an air strike. He then encouraged Palestinian Arabs in Gaza to continuethe practice in order to deter IDF strikes.

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ISIS destroys shrines and mosques, may be targeting Mecca


From Fox News:
ISIS is leaving a path of destroyed churches, shrines and mosques in its wake as it storms across Syria and Iraq, and has even set its sights on Mecca -- Islam's holiest site. 
The nihilistic jihadis, led by self-proclaimed descendant of Prophet Muhammad Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, have already bulldozed or blown up some of the most sacred places in Iraq, and seem bent on killing and destroying anyone or anything that does not measure up to their vision of Islam. 
Experts say the group, which originally stood for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, but now simply calls itself "Islamic State," has appointed itself the leading proponent of the Muslim faith. 
“They see themselves as the last defenders of Islamic civilization and want to eradicate anything that they see as the enemy of Islam, and any Muslim they perceive as compromising with the West,” Yvonne Haddad, a professor at Georgetown University who specializes in the history of Islam and Christian-Muslim relations, told FoxNews.com.   
Mostly comprised of Sunnis, ISIS surprised few when it vowed to destroy sites revered by the rival Shia sect. The two main blocs of Islam have been at odds for nearly 1,400 years because of a dispute over who was Prophet Muhammad's successor. 
The destruction of at least 10 ancient Shia shrines in Iraq has enraged the Shia government in Baghdad, as well as the Iranian regime, also Shia. But an unverified threat to Mecca itself, the holy city in Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia where Muslims believe they must make one pilgrimage during their lifetimes, was unprecedented. 
Allegedly tweeted by a member of the extremist group on a since-suspended account, the threat took aim at the most sacred beacon of the Muslim faith. Mecca, home of Islam's most sacred mosque, Al-Masjid al-Haram, and its famed Kaaba, a cube-shaped, granite and marble building adorned with Koranic inscriptions and priceless relics like the golden rain spout, a purported footprint of Abraham and the black cornerstone believed to have been placed by Muhammad. 
"By Allah's leave our sheikh al-Baghdadi led Mecca stone for those who worship (pilgrims) will kill you and God ' I will tear down the Ka'ba, the place of worship,” the alleged ISIS militant said on the social media site, according to reports from Turkish media adding that those of the Islamic faith should not be worshipping 'stones.'" 
ISIS' beef with Mecca seems to be that Muslims have lost touch with the true meaning of their faith, according to the threat. 
“People are going to Mecca to touch the stones, not for God,” reads another tweet from the same account. “I swear to God, if you conquer Saudi Arabia as we worship, none but Allah will demolish the Ka'ba.”
I'm beginning to like ISIS.

They're blowing up Mosques.

They're threatening to destroy Mecca.

And, they're even banning Soccer. LOL

ISIS To Ban Soccer In Areas Under Their Control Because It’s A “Deviation From Islam”

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ISIS Seizes 88 Lbs. of Uranium From a University in Mosul

(Reuters) – Insurgents in Iraq have seized nuclear materials used for scientific research at a university in the country’s north, Iraq told the United Nations in a letter appealing for help to “stave off the threat of their use by terrorists in Iraq or abroad.” 
Nearly 40 kilograms (88 pounds) of uranium compounds were kept at Mosul University, Iraq’s U.N. Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim told U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in the July 8 letter obtained by Reuters on Wednesday. 
“Terrorist groups have seized control of nuclear material at the sites that came out of the control of the state,” Alhakim wrote, adding that such materials “can be used in manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.” 
“These nuclear materials, despite the limited amounts mentioned, can enable terrorist groups, with the availability of the required expertise, to use it separate or in combination with other materials in its terrorist acts,” said Alhakim. 
He warned that they could also be smuggled out of Iraq.
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Barack Obama: Constitutional Scholar and Post-American President

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ISIS Destroys Jonah's Tomb

From the Daily Mail:
This is the shocking moment ISIS militants took sledgehammers to Iraqi tombstones – smashing them to pieces. 
The rebels, who are members of the Islamic State terror group, were filmed attacking centuries-old graves in the north-west city of Mosul in Ninevah province. 
Donning balaclavas and black coats, they swung sledgehammers into the tombs, causing pieces of dust and stone to fly through the air. 
One of the devastated tombstones belonged to the Prophet Jonah (Younis in Arabic) and was revered by Muslims and Christians alike, according to Iraqi authorities. 
The prophet, who is the central figure in the Hebrew Bible’s Book of Jonah, is best known for being swallowed by a fish or a whale, depending on translation.
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Humpday Blues

Johnny Copeland
Flying High

Greater Man

Devil's Hand

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Terror plot targeting Eiffel Tower, Louvre foiled, French police say

From Fox News:
French authorities say they foiled an Islamic terrorist plot reportedly targeting the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and a nuclear power plant last year. 
The revelation comes as the country unveiled new anti-terror rules which included a proposal to ban terror suspects from leaving the country if it is thought they intend to fight abroad, The Telegraph reported. 
French authorities revealed they arrested a 29-year-old Algerian butcher living in southern France June 2013, after they found coded messages between him and a high-ranking Al Qaeda member discussing how “to conduct jihad in the place you are currently,” according to Le Parisien. 
The suspect, identified in the newspaper report as Ali M, reportedly said he would target French landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and “cultural events that take place in the south of France in which thousands of Christians gather for a month.” 
The father of two reportedly had signaled his willingness to travel for training before returning to France to “await your instructions,” the Telegraph reported. French police say they arrested him a month before he was to travel to Tunisia, and then Algeria for training.  
“There are doubtless others on our soil programmed to harm French interests,” French anti-terror judge Marc Trevidic told Le Parisien. 
The new legislation, which will be presented in parliament, will also force internet providers to block Islamic hate propaganda, and allow investigators to use pseudonyms while undercover on anti-jihadist sites, The Telegraph reported.
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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Mexico made deal to send more illegal aliens to the U.S.


From the Examiner:
On Monday, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina held a joint press conference in Playas de Catazaja, Mexico, to officially announce an agreement to make it easier for those making the illegal journey to the United States from Central America, to cross into Mexico. 
The Southern Border Program to Improve Passage, will provide for more border checkpoints along Mexico's border with Guatemala, and offer more protection and even emergency medical care to those making their way north. 
The illegal aliens will receive a so-called Regional Visitor's Card, according to El Universal. Officially, the program will grant the cards to only illegal aliens from Guatemala and Belize, allowing them to remain in Mexico's southern states for 72 hours (more than enough time to reach the U.S./Mexican border by train). 
While, those two countries share a border with Mexico, the program will undoubtedly benefit anyone who makes it to the border, which would explain why our Border Patrol stations are currently overflowing with illegal aliens from El Salvador and Honduras as well.
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Lois Lerner Email: We Should Be Careful What We Say In Emails And, Say, Just Curious: The IRS' Internal Instant-Message System Isn't Archived By Any Chance, Is It?

From Ace:
So first she says that we should be careful what we say in emails, and then asks if the OCS system -- an internal IRS instant-message system -- is also archived, as emails are. 
She is told "no." 
She responds: "Perfect."

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America: A Must-See Film!

If you haven't yet seen Dinesh D'Souza's America: Imagine the World without Her, go to see it. ASAP!  Especially if you have children or grandchildren attending any level of school.

Mr. AOW and I saw America today.  The film wasn't what we expected — and I don't mean that in a bad way.

 At the end of the film, we applauded. And when we got home, I ordered the book from Amazon.


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British Peer Says Christians Should Be Encouraged To Marry Muslims

From the Daily Express:
Lord Scott, a former Supreme Court Judge, cited his own family – in which two of his four children married Muslims – as an example of how interfaith families can thrive. 
The peer, who sits as a crossbencher in the Lords, made the comments during a debate on how to improve relations between the Muslim community and other faith groups in the UK. 
He said: “Of my two sons one has become a Muslim and of my two daughters one of those has become a Muslim, and I have 12 lovely grandchildren, seven of whom are little Muslims. 
He added: “The family relationships since those events took place have been as happily familial, as close and as good as any parent or grandparent could wish. 
“I do just wonder that if an improvement is needed between the faith groups, one way of promoting that might be to encourage interfaith marriages.”
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Secret Uprising In Saudi Arabia

With a hat tip to Mark Alexander of A New Dark Age Is Dawning and worth your time:

Apparently, these protests have been ongoing for at least three years.

YouTube offers this blurb:
In Saudi Arabia's oil-rich Eastern province a 3-year uprising has been raging, hidden from the world. With unprecedented access, this report explores the growing protest movement - the biggest in Saudi history.

In scenes reminiscent of Libya, Egypt and Bahrain, masked protesters fill the streets, fling rocks and chant "martyrdom is better than oppression" as police bullets fly. In the Shia-dominated Eastern region of Qatif, there has been growing resentment that despite "standing on top of oil fields that feed the world", local communities suffer poverty, sectarian discrimination and no political freedom. Figureheads of the protests have been added to government wanted lists, been arrested and several have been killed in dubious circumstances. Saudi filmmaker Safa Al Ahmad risks arrest and worse to get inside this troubled region. In secret meetings protesters share their accounts of the growing state violence against them and their families. One leader's disabled sister tells of how security forces "came while I was sleeping and threatened me with a gun". The movement insists it is nonetheless growing, but a few incidences of violence by protesters have alienated many locals and given the state justification for their crackdown. After protesters fire on security forces, police funerals are broadcast on public television and the rioters are officially labelled "terrorists". Both sides are now entrenched. "It is very dangerous for the future. The state just want to show the iron fist. The only reaction is apathy or violence."

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European Human Rights Court Upholds France's Burqa Ban - But This News Might Not Be As Good As It Sounds

Sounds like good news, but I'm not so sure. Check it out.

From the Wall Street Journal:
The European Court of Human Rights on Tuesday upheld France's ban on wearing full-face veils in public, rejecting arguments that the ban undermines freedoms of religion and expression. 
The decision is a victory for the governments of France and Belgium, which have passed laws prohibiting veils and other garments that conceal the entire face, and gives other European governments broader discretion to enact similar bans. 
The French government said the three-year ban helped to protect public safety, as well as women forced to wear face-covering garments, but opponents have criticized it as anti-Muslim and discriminating against religious minorities. 
The French ban had been challenged by a young Muslim woman who said she sometimes chooses to wear a niqab—a veil that leaves only her eyes visible—or a burqa—a loose garment that covers her entire body with only a mesh over her eyes. 
The woman, who was born in France in 1990 and identified only as S.A.S. in court documents, said that she wore the veils voluntarily, without any pressure from her husband and family, and that they allowed her to manifest her faith. 
She argued the French ban violated her religious freedom and put her at risk of discrimination and harassment. France passed a law against concealing one's face in public spaces in 2010 and it came into effect the following spring. 
A few months later, a similar prohibition came into force in Belgium. Citizens of the Ticino canton in Switzerland voted in favor of such a ban in late 2013. 
France argues that the veils are a security risk, since they conceal a person's identity. In its arguments to the European court, the French government also said that showing one's face in public was one of the "minimum requirements of life in society." 
The Strasbourg-based court ruled the general ban imposed by the government wasn't justified on public-safety grounds, or to protect women's rights. But it said France's aim of improving social cohesion through the ban was legitimate. 
"The court was…able to accept that the barrier raised against others by a veil concealing the face was perceived by the respondent state as breaching the right of others to live in a space of socialization which made living together easier," it said.
So, the European Human Rights Court is not so concerned with the oppression (really the enslavement) of women under Islam.

Instead, they are concerned with Social Cohesion.

Social Cohesion is the result of Human Rights, not the progenitor of Human Rights. In other words, having mere Social Cohesion does not bring about a Just and Good Society.

In fact, Evil Societies sometimes have great Social Cohesion. For instance, Germans got along on a grand scale during the Nazi years, as did the Japanese during those very same years.

And yet they committed horrible atrocities against their fellow humans.

Again we see Europe has not learned the lessons of World War II.

If they want to avoid doing the same thing again, they need to learn to flatly condemn evil, not merely to get along.

Islam is not worth getting along with, as long as Islam is oppressing women, and murdering Infidels, Jews, gays, and apostates.

That is not the kind of Social Cohesion we need.
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Stats, Please

We really need to know the percentages and head counts for the following (recent figures, of course):

1. How many of the illegal border surgers are in the age brackets of 1 year-5 years of age?

2. How many of the illegal border surgers are in the age brackets of 6 years-10 years of age?

3. How many of the illegal border surgers are in the age brackets of 11 years-13 years of age?

4. How many of the illegal border surgers are in the age brackets of 14 years-17 years of age?

Can anybody here at IBA find some answers?

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Top Obama Official Blasts Israel For “Dehumanizing” Palestinians By Denying Them Sovereignty With “Military Control”

Behold how much the Obama Administration hates Israel:
Israel’s ongoing occupation of the West Bank is wrong and leads to regional instability and dehumanization of Palestinians, a top American government official said Tuesday in Tel Aviv, hinting that the current Israeli government is not committed to peace 
In an unusually harsh major foreign policy address, Philip Gordon, a special assistant to US President Barack Obama and the White House coordinator for the Middle East, appealed to Israeli and Palestinian leaders to make the compromises needed to reach a permanent peace agreement. 
Jerusalem “should not take for granted the opportunity to negotiate” such a treaty with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who has proven to be a reliable partner, Gordon said. 
“Israel confronts an undeniable reality: It cannot maintain military control of another people indefinitely. Doing so is not only wrong but a recipe for resentment and recurring instability,” Gordon said. 
“It will embolden extremists on both sides, tear at Israel’s democratic fabric and feed mutual dehumanization.” 
Delivering the keynote address at the Haaretz newspaper’s Israel Conference on Peace, Gordon reiterated Obama’s position that a final-status agreement should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed land swaps. 
Specifically, Gordon went on: “How will Israel remain democratic and Jewish if it attempts to govern the millions of Palestinian Arabs who live in the West Bank? How will it have peace if it’s unwilling to delineate a border, end the occupation and allow for Palestinian sovereignty, security and dignity? How will we prevent other states from supporting Palestinian efforts in international bodies, if Israel is not seen as committed to peace?” 
The “past few weeks” show that the inability to resolve the Israeli-Palestinians conflict “inevitable means more tension, more resentment, more injustice, more insecurity, more tragedy and more grief,” he said. 
“And the sight of grieving families, Israeli and Palestinian alike, reminds us that the cost of this conflict remains unbearably high.” 
In his 25-minute speech – which marked the first time a senior White House official had directly addressed the Israeli people since Obama’s March 2013 speech in Jerusalem — Gordon rejected any alternatives to the two-state solution. 
He called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resume peace talks with the PA, suggesting that Abbas is the best Palestinian leader Jerusalem could hope for. 
“Israel should not take for granted the opportunity to negotiate such a peace with Abbas, who has shown time and again that he’s committed to non-violence and co-existence and cooperation with Israel.”
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