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‘The American Intelligence Community has finally
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what they have been doing all around the world’.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Did anyone realize Scott Brown’s election to the Senate would be the event tipping us all to war?

"Elections have consequences" the man told Senator McCain.

The main consequence was that B Obama thought he had been elected to change the USA instead of being elected to be NOT BUSH, and not more than that.

This lead Obama to operate without a SINGLE REPUBLICAN as part of any effort to ‘change America fundamentally’, the birth of the Tea Party of ‘extremist’ middle Americans nearly all of whom have families they are trying to make their way thru life with, and seeing this a hardening Republican opposition which has come to not only MISTRUST the president, who was elected to find a way to LEAD US ALL, but to attempt the nearly impossible:
Take over the lead in certain policy decisions in both domestic and foreign spheres
This crystallized the moment Scott Brown was elected and Obama lost his ability to end Republican debate in the senate, rushing thru a 2700 page health care mandate which drove my INDIVIDUAL medical insurance from $687/month to $1387/month with more than 3 times the out of pocket per year, $750-$2500.

And now?

The cascade at the end here, as the Archduke of Arrogance prepares to visit HIS Sarajevo, i.e. a grand bargain with the genocidal and racist TRULY EVIL freaks of Teheran, has resulted in Boehner inviting a foreign leader to address a joint session of congress which will as a result ALERT AMERICA TO HER OWN PERIL (in utter domestic opposition to B Obama) and explain why that nation will end up triggering a war in which every conceivable weapon will be used, endangering the ENTIRE WORLD.

The results set possibilities are unbelievable, and this admin is not up to handling planning anything about this to deal with it, EXCEPT (IMHO) a landslide of concessions to bring Iran to agree to let it lie to the world about how safe the world will be, which every nation will RUN to agree with except JUST ONE.

Obama is trying to set the crisis up to AVOID Iran blaming the USA for the inevitable war.

Obama is trying to set up Americans who wish us to support Israel against TRUE EVIL to be isolated as the USA EMBARGOES weapons shipments to Israel as we did until 1967, amid a TSUNAMI of Soviet arms shipments to Arab nations calling for a “war of annihilation” (Nasser’s words), even though today ..every SINGLE leader of Iran since the revolution of 1979 has done the same thing.

Obama is continuing the pattern he established by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood EVERYWHERE IT IS, until it’s natural child, ISIS, became too obstreperous, but where he is taking only MINIMAL action which can be used to say he is doing something.

When weapons to Israel are embargoed, what weapons will Israel use?


All set off because when it came to his precious OBAMACARE this president refused to make the painful and real compromises it would have taken to get even the 2 EXTREMELY CENTERED R Senators from Maine on board and launched Obamacare from both sides of the aisle.
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