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Thursday, January 29, 2015

U.S State Department Meeting With Muslim Brotherhood, Plotting to Overthrow Pro-Christian Egyptian President Al-Sisi

In the past week, Al-Sisi became the first Egyptian President to attend Coptic Christmas services.

He has also spoken repeatedly of the need for a reformation of Islam, castigating Islam for creating a climate of violence and intimidation throughout the world.

But, Obama's State Department is huddling with Muslim Brotherhood leaders who oppose al-Sisi's leadership.

It is no secret the Muslim Brotherhood wants to overthrow Sisi and establish a Sharia state in Egypt.

This is outright treason on the part of Obama and his Administration.

From the Washington Free Beacon:
The State Department hosted a delegation of Muslim Brotherhood-aligned leaders this week for a meeting about their ongoing efforts to oppose the current government of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt, who rose to power following the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi, an ally of the Brotherhood, in 2013. 
One member of the delegation, a Brotherhood-aligned judge in Egypt, posed for a picture while at Foggy Bottom in which he held up the Islamic group’s notorious four-finger Rabia symbol, according to his Facebook page. 
That delegation member, Waleed Sharaby, is a secretary-general of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council and a spokesman for Judges for Egypt, a group reported to have close ties to the Brotherhood. 
The delegation also includes Gamal Heshmat, a leading member of the Brotherhood, and Abdel Mawgoud al-Dardery, a Brotherhood member who served as a parliamentarian from Luxor.

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