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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Flashback, January 1, 2006: One Hundred "Youths" Rampage on Train, Sexually Assault Assault Women, Terrorize 600 Passengers

Pre-Cologne Cologne.

From the LA Times:
PARIS — France confronted a new incident of youth violence Wednesday, a rampage that terrorized passengers as their train rolled west along the Riviera on New Year's Day.   
The ordeal became front-page news Wednesday in a nation still on edge from riots in November in immigrant-dominated urban areas. 
Authorities were criticized for leaving about 600 passengers at the mercy of youths who allegedly robbed, roughed up and sexually assaulted victims for at least 25 minutes as the 10-car regional train traveled from Nice toward Marseilles. 
The youths were among about 100 suspected troublemakers whom police had rounded up in Nice and put on the train to send them home to communities around Marseilles and Avignon. 
Passengers tried to barricade themselves in compartments as assailants trashed the train and threatened to kill victims who used cellphones to call for help, authorities said. 
After police boarded at Les Arcs-Draguignan station, shaken passengers took refuge in a cafe, a waitress told reporters Wednesday. 
Police identified four victims and arrested six people on suspicion of robbery, making death threats and sexual molestation. 
Witness accounts suggested that more assailants and victims were involved, but could not be identified. 
Two suspects are 19-year-old Moroccan immigrants living in Avignon. The four others are juveniles, who were not identified, in accordance with French law.
From CUANAS, January 7, 2006:

What Should
The Citizens
Of France
Do In
To The

Dag, of No Dhimmitude, left the following comment on one of my posts about the Nice-Lyon Train Intifada:
How is it that it took nearly a week for the French to admit that 600 citizens were attacked on a public train? 
Politicians are responsible for this outrage. So are the media. And I'll include the universities and churches. Our intelligentsia and our moral leaders are criminals. 
It's past time to rid ourselves of these people and reform our world from the bottom up.
If our moral leaders and our cultural and intellectual leaders believe in nothing at all, then they have no authority whatsoever, and we must rid ourselves of them and replace them with men and women who have some real moral standing. 
What is moral? By what authority? We live in a pluralistic world, and we must find a universal moral for a plurality, one that has authority for all regardless of race, creed, or religion. If we failat that, then Islam and dhimmitude await us. 
Today a train, and we cower in fear waiting for rescue by police who have no authority to use force against criminals. Tomorrow a school in which children are exploded, and our police haven't got the competence to rescue them. 
Next day we're blown up riding the tube to work or killed in our offices or burned to death in ships defending the world and ourselves. And yet we don't fight because we don't have anything we feel we should fight for, not even our very lives, they being too meaningless to defend. 
We require a moral reformation or we are lost forever.
If the government of France will not take care of it's citizens, then, it is time for the people of France to overthrow their government. 

Pastorius, January 9, 2016.

It's ten years later, and we the people of the Western world have not overthrown shit.

And hence, we have millions of "refugees" flooding into our nations. And we just suffered the Cologne 1000 Sexual Attacks Extravaganza at the hands of our Moderate Muslims Refugee friends and compatriots.

We know this has nothing to do with Islam.

And we know we ought to invite MORE MUSLIMS into our nations. MORE AND MORE MUSLIMS.

After all, Barack Obama and Angela Merkel have told us so.

Whatever we do, we should not overthrow our governments. That would be wrong.

Yes, an Infidel Spring would be the wrong thing to do.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Over a decade and things continue to spiral out of control. The only good sign is more people are openly recognizing the danger and a few are speaking up openly. Shudder to think what it will take to trigger a full reverse course.

Sunday, January 10, 2016 1:49:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some more to consider:

WashingtonFreeBeacon: White House Launches 'Task Force' To Combat 'Violent Extremism' Omits Reference To Muslim Terrorism, dated January 8, 2016

DHS.gov: Countering Violent Extremism Task Force Release Date: January 8, 2016

"The federal government's top priority is protecting the American people from all forms of violent extremism," said Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch. "

The same character who earlier stated:

"The attorney general stated that her "fear" of the "incredibly disturbing rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric… is my greatest fear." - Loretta E. Lynch via DailyCaller: 1:20 AM 12/07/2015

Consider this 13 minute video discussing such ludicrous terminology as revealed by
Stephen Coughlin Moment: The "Countering Violent Extremism" Deception
The CVE, "Counter Violent Extremism", was set up at the DHS with the assistance of the Muslim Brotherhood. Where we have the DHS, FBI or State Dept. engaged with the Muslim Brotherhood in CVE initiatives, these initiatives are

Recall...Obama Campaigns for creating a Civilian National Security Force

UKDailyMail 1/6/2016: Up to 34 MILLION blank 'green cards' and work permits to be ordered ahead of Obama illegal immigrant 'amnesty'

Blaze 2/23/2015: Obama [already] gave out millions of work permits to illegal immigrants
DailyCaller 11/13/2014: Polls Show Hostility Toward Obama’s Work Permits For Illegals

Breitbart Apr. 2014: U.S. Postal Service Joins DHS, Social Security Admin, NOAA in Ammo Purchases
Feds Spending MILLIONS to Arm Administrative Agencies with Body Armor, Cannon Launchers, Firearms and Ammo via GatewayPundit "Spending $71.1 million on body armor outside of traditional law enforcement agencies raises troubling questions."
let this sink in

A commenter over at GatewayPundit suggested: "be aware under the constitution the armed forces of the U.S can not do harm the it's citizen's. But when Obama tries or does enact marshal law all of the agencies under his employment can and will be his very own army that in a couple of his speeches in 07 said he would have a civilian army that would be as well equipped as our military."

Sunday, January 10, 2016 1:52:00 pm  

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