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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Germany’s ambassador to the Vatican: “Islam…is part of the solution”

Importing Men Who Commit Mass Gang Rape 
On German Women Is Part of the Solution

From Jihad Watch:
Germany’s ambassador to the Vatican, Annette Schavan, still sees religion as a peacemaker, despite wars and terrorism. 
In an interview with DW, she calls for more interfaith dialogue and respect between all religions. 
Deutsche Welle: After the New Year’s Eve harassment incidents in Cologne, a highly charged atmosphere with regard to migrants has developed in Germany. How do people in Rome assess the events in Germany? 
Annette Schavan: The Vatican knows about all the new attempts to exploit religion as a justification for violence. Germany is viewed as a country that does a lot for refugees. The pope has explicitly commended this in his New Year’s speech. 
Can religion today still serve as a peacemaker or has it already become a driving force behind wars? 
There are warmongers who embrace religion. But that does not mean that religion promotes war. Religion has the great power to bring peace. People are upset by the numerous attacks and wonder, “Should we equate these images of violence with Islam?” One gets the impression that Islam is part of the problem. But that’s not true. It must become clear that it is part of the solution. 
The pope has called on all Christians to take in refugees. In the current situation, does that sound like utopian neighborly love? 
Germany has set an excellent example with its “culture of welcome,” which is still not a thing of the past. Of course, many people are anxious. That is exactly what the terrorists want. They do not want a culture of welcome for refugees. One of the things the refugees are fleeing is the terrorists. If we consider integration and welcoming culture to be utopian, then the terrorists have achieved a great deal….
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Annette Schavan should be forced to endure living in close quarters with the most devout vile migrants she insists on inflicting upon the Germans.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 10:47:00 pm  

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