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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Marco Rubio, Establishment Candidate?

I like Marco Rubio more, as a person, than any other candidate. He seems like a normal American man to me.

But I don't like that he is an equivocator on immigration.

The time for equivocation has passed. That's exactly why Trump is doing so well.

I am so angry about immigration, the economy, and Islam that I am willing to vote against my interests on other issues, and I am willing to do what I have to do to pound every last vestige of equivocation out of the supposedly "Conservative" GOP.

I would really prefer the GOP to disappear and be replaced by a truly Conservative party.

And if that means sacrificing Rubio, I am all for it at this point.

However, that is not the most fair opinion.

So since I am being so unfair, let's look at some of the good stuff about Rubio.

From David French at National Review:
I must confess that I’m confused. I still have vivid memories of the tea-party revolution of 2010, when insurgent conservative candidates toppled incumbents and establishment favorites from coast to coast. This was the year of Rand Paul in Kentucky, Ron Johnson in Wisconsin, and Nikki Haley in South Carolina. 
Perhaps most momentous of all, it was the year of Marco Rubio, who overcame long odds to beat Charlie Crist, a man who’s since proven himself to be exactly the kind of soulless politician the tea party exists to oppose. 
Since his election, Rubio has delivered, becoming one of the most consistent and eloquent conservatives in the Senate. 
My colleague, Jim Geraghty, has outlined his stratospheric ratings from the American Conservative Union, National Rifle Association, National Right to Life, and the Family Research Council. 
In fact, Rubio is largely responsible for the single most effective legislative attack on Obamacare, a move that the New York Times bemoaned in a piece last month: 
A little-noticed health care provision that Senator Marco Rubio of Florida slipped into a giant spending law last year has tangled up the Obama administration, sent tremors through health insurance markets and rattled confidence in the durability of President Obama’s signature health law. 
So for all the Republican talk about dismantling the Affordable Care Act, one Republican presidential hopeful has actually done something toward achieving that goal. 
By blocking bailouts of insurance companies, he’s preventing the White House from passing even more of the costs of Obamacare to taxpayers and forcing insurers to live with the true price of the law. 
Yes, I understand the criticism of Rubio for his membership in the ill-fated “Gang of Eight.” But in changing his position and his tone on immigration, how is Rubio different from Donald Trump? 
One can choose to believe that 2013 Rubio is the “real Rubio” just as one can believe that 2012 Trump is the “real Trump,” but there’s no doubt at all which man has been the more consistent conservative.
UPDATE - An Anonymous commenter brings up a VERY IMPORTANT POINT:
Plus Marco is married to a former Miami Dolphin cheerleader who drives hot cars and gets lots of tickets. My kind of woman!
Here's a photo of Marco's wife:

And I would also add, Rubio comes from family who is talented, but normal people. They do things like attempt to build a career in Hollywood.

Here's his brother-in-law, as a Yoga Instructor in Couple's Retreat:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plus Marco is married to a former Miami Dolphin cheerleader who drives hot cars and gets lots of tickets. My kind of woman!

A little nit pick: I live in SC and Nikki Haley is not, and never claimed to be, Tea Party. She is as establishment as they come. She has been a decent, but not particularly brilliant, Governor.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016 7:08:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gang of 8 ring a bell?

Wednesday, January 06, 2016 9:46:00 pm  
Blogger Pastorius said...


In fact, it's in the post.

Thursday, January 07, 2016 1:34:00 am  

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