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Sunday, January 03, 2016

ISIS terror doctors recruited from UK will return to work in NHS

From the Express:
BRITISH doctors who are currently helping save the lives of ISIS terrorists injured by allied bombings are expected to return to the UK and work in the NHS. 
ISIS have already persuaded doctors from Australia, Russia and nearly 20 from Britain to join their makeshift health ministry. British officials are now coordinating efforts to prevent more Britons from joining the terrorist health service by sending a delegation to Sudan. 
Both groups were believed to be recruited by Mohammed Fakhri, a 25-year-old from Middlesbrough who studied medicine but styles himself as the recruiter of British medics for ISIS. 
Fakhri is a British Palestinian who grew up in north-east England with his two older brothers. His father worked as an NHS doctor on Teesside. According to the families of those recruited, the British medics are scattered across the self-styled caliphate. 
Fakhri, thought to be in the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, has published essays on the need for more medics during his time with the terror groups. 
He admitted: “The Islamic State realises that in fields like medicine, the non-Muslims are currently those advanced.” 
The Foreign Office recently sent a delegation, including a London imam Luqman Ali, to persuade medics not to respond to terrorists' plea for hospital medical staff. 
Some parents have even resorted to withdrawing their children from USMT amid fears that many doctors there are simply 'biding their time' before heading to Syria. 
A British Home Office source said the students would not automatically face prosecution if they returned to Britain under anti-terror legislation, so long as they could prove they have not been fighting.
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