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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Marco Rubio Can Not Be Flapped

Marco Rubio is one of those rare people who seems to come from a place so lacking in self-aggrandizement that he is unflappable.

His manner of speaking is that of a friend, sitting across the table from you at dinner.

Check this out. He gets hit with a question that has destroyed politician after politician in the past few years. But it's no problem for Marco Rubio.

Because of his unpretentious aura, he is able to get away with saying things other candidates be roasted on the altar for.

I particularly LOVE this next video. He get hit with a barrage of idiotic/normal people questions by a "journalist" from the gossip show TMZ. And in response, we don't get any of that usual politician-look of "the wheels are turning in my head, what should I say, will it be ok for me to answer this quesiton?"

None of that.

He just answers the question.

Yep, that's right. Marco Rubio likes loves Jesus, and he likes Nicky Minaj. What are you gonna say?

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