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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Neal Adams caves to dhimmitude and liberal guilt mentality

Much as I admire Adams for his past artwork, what he's advertising here is jaw-droppingly devastating:

I'd like to think that's a Jewish boy in the picture wearing a Judaism skullcap and that Adams is just joking. But I've got a sad feeling he's not, and if this is what he says it is, then he sure is resorting to a very cunning tactic of promoting this propaganda under the mantra of "All Life is Precious". What about Armenians and victims of 9-11? What about Muslim women who were murdered in "honor killings"? And what about victims of jihadism over here in Israel? What about the lives of French civilians who were butchered a few months ago by jihadists in Paris?

It's regrettable if Adams is taking this dhimmified stance, because he did make some excellent contributions to comicdom and the art world in past decades. Now, he's making a fool out of himself.

The irony, however, is that he's depicting a Muslim with a pet dog. Under Islam, dogs are considered abominable, so it's pretty apparent that not all are going to appreciate Adams' careless, uninformed product.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was going to comment on the dog with the boy, but I see you already mentioned it in the last paragraph. It might be that he is trying to walk a fine line. The kafirs will think he is all embracing, while as you mentioned the devil followers will know better.

I don't know ... Some people are really confusing, or rather stupid ...

Wednesday, January 06, 2016 6:28:00 pm  

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