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Monday, January 18, 2016

Notintheface1's foul mouth gets the better of him

I suppose slamming somebody over a vulgar tongue is petty compared to some other problems. But for now, that's what I feel I'll have to do when it comes to this Illinois-based blogger who's following in the footsteps of Satmar's Joel Teitelbaum (and that's no joke), and taking blasphemy to a whole new level as he rants about lack of gun control and such. For example, he says:

But this only beggars the query: did our dear subject here ever shed any tears when kids were murdered by jihadists in Paris? His colorful dialect doesn't help matters, and I can't say he's being particularly...human.

Straight from the keyboard of quite a troll, my my. And he's the same Satmar-style socialist who's been mouthing off with the F-word. We can only guess what he'll be saying about women in his own words, regardless of their political standings.

And yet "Notintheface1" has kept on with his foul-mouthed act. Oh man, would Neturei Karta love this creep. He might as well go join them in bawling out "oy to the world."

Keep going there, and add a few more cuss words while you're at it, kiddo, why don't you. By the way, how come no critiques of the current education system for failing to teach both children and adults honesty?

Did he ever make that point when DC published their misogynist screed called Identity Crisis? Because I don't buy any defense he might put forth that he's against it. Sure, he may have apologized to a onetime employee of DC for making degrading comments about her arguments, but it still sounds awfully phony to me. That said, I don't ask him to apologize for his reprehensible approach to my positions. That's up to him. I do however believe he owes Armenians and even LGBT members apologies for turning his back on Islamofascism at their expense. That's right, I'm not kidding. The man may say he's a homophile, but truly, he's...you get the idea.

And his invocations of the rantings mouthed off by Satmar and Neturei Karta kreeps is awfully vicious.

Ah, see what I mean? Like those two aforementioned Haredi clans, he's a socialist. On which note, I won't be surprised if they're getting plenty benefits out of Obamacare I'd rather not take. "Notintheface1" is quite a disgrace and shame to his country.
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