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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Now migrant gang assault women at Munich nightclub: Merkel forced to act as thousands protest on streets

From the Daily Mail:
Migrants were yesterday accused of further sexual assaults in Germany – after Chancellor Angela Merkel proposed stricter laws regulating asylum seekers after a string of New Year’s Eve attacks. 
A gang of up to 15 ‘foreign men’ were alleged to have ‘indecently touched’ two women outside a nightclub in Munich – adding to around 150 reports of attacks across five German cities. 
Yesterday Mrs Merkel announced plans to tighten up the law on denying the right of asylum for those who have committed crimes. 
The news came after she faced renewed criticism for her open-door policy, which saw 1.1 million migrants enter the country in 2015. 
The latest attacks add to the scores of cases across Germany of women being attacked by ‘organised Arab or North African gangs’ on December 31. 
Yesterday, a march by the German far-Right group Pegida through the streets of Cologne had to be dispersed by police water cannon. 
In the central square where hundreds of women last week ran a gauntlet of groping hands, police weathered a storm of fireworks, stones and beer bottles. 
Pepper spray was also used and the demonstration was cancelled. 
Police warned the protesters via loudspeakers they faced truncheon charges and arrest unless the mood calmed down. 
Pegida members chanted: ‘We are the people!’ – the slogan of the ‘Velvet Revolutionaries’ of 1989 in East Germany who took on the power of the Communist state. 
Pegida has attracted a strong following since mass immigration began into Germany. 
There was also a ‘flashmob’ of thousands of women with placards saying ‘No violence against women’.
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