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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Tommy Robinson on the Cologne 1000

Tommy Robinson makes some important point, including highlighting the fact that the same kinds of attacks also happened in several other European cities on New Year's Eve.

This was a coordinated effort by the "North African and Arab" men.

Even the officials have admitted it was coordinated. Here it is from the Guardian:
Officers are working on the assumption that the men had organised their plan of attack.
This is organized crime. So why are the officials actively attempting to bury the story at this point?


It’s not very likely that any of the men who harassed dozens of women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve will be convicted, says Cologne-based criminal lawyer Nikolaos Gazeas.
DW: Identifying the men who may have participated in the sexual assaults, harassment and thefts in Cologne on New Year’s Eve is proving to be a problem. If you don’t know who they are, the chances of arresting them are almost nil, right? 
Nikolaos Gazeas: That’s true. The chances of convicting even one of the perpetrators are slight. 
All the same, what is needed in order to take penal action in these cases of massive sexual assault, even including theft in many cases?
You can find a very good rundown of reports here. 


Victims of the Cologne New Year’s Eve migrant sex abuse gangs have told of the harrowing attacks they were subjected to this weekend, as it emerges a total of 118 Germans have now come forward to police to report having been assaulted
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