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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Up To 500 Men Stormed Nightclub In Bielefeld, Germany, Sexually Assaulted Patrons In New Year’s Attack

The "Arabic-Speaking Men" Are Restless

From Die Welt:
The chief of security of the “Elephant Club” reported in Bielefeld “Westfalen-Blatt” on Saturday of up to 500 men who wanted to multiply access to the disco with violence. 
Women have been touched in the genital area. “Only by using physical violence, we could help women to break free.” 
The Bielefeld police confirmed the newspaper several reports of sexual assault.
I know it will surprise you all, but they were Arabic-speaking men:
"Right from the beginning of the inlet (against 20 clock) was an unusually high number of Arabic-speaking men on with residence certificates. Particularly striking these were due to their high alcohol level and a high level of violence, particularly against women. (...) Over time, tried these men to get admission to our club. Because of their aggressive and particularly obtrusive appearance and the high alcohol level, this was not possible, of course. Subsequently, the mood noticeably more tense and the accumulation of these groups has been getting bigger and their occurrence intrusive and aggressive. "
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