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Monday, January 11, 2016

Who would've thought Dan Slott would have a problem with Grover Norquist? But worse, he's been trolling again

This is almost too hilarious for words. The hack writer on Spider-Man and professional cybertroll - whom I recently discovered may have been posting more of his obnoxious junk in the comments here recently - said the following about a certain RINO:

If only Slott knew what a fool he just made of himself from a liberal standing, no matter who Norquist supports or doesn't on either side of the spectrum. Norquist is one of the biggest apologists for Islamofascism and an open borders advocate. He represents many things that Slott happens to fully agree on. And yet young master Slott speaks negatively of this shameful man? Gee, how odd. Until now, you'd think Slott was for Norquist before he was against him. Or something like that. No matter how "conservative-leaning" Norquist supposedly is. I can see his brain in motion now: "argh, no! I criticized one of the only GOP members who represents me!" I've seen once in a while how there have been a few liberals who've spoken negatively of Norquist, even as he supports the most extreme views they could, and IMHO, it's pretty weird. Norquist's on their side, even if they don't know it.

While we're on the subject, here's a few more samples from the mind of Slott:

We also need more rationale and not trolling on other people's websites with a Time Warner Cable account. Don't take anything Slott says at face value.

Calling them a "moron" and "stupid", accompanied by vulgarities only proves you're not really there to argue with reason either. Nor does writing crude fanfics and degrading Mary Jane Watson as a character for the sake of your bizarre agendas.

Everyone but Slott. I've long ceased taking such a disgraceful man at face value.

And we all know how he feels about women and his critics too, don't we.

Interestingly, he also said the following about another Transformers movie:

While the movies based on the Hasbro toy line are mostly pretty vapid and dopey (the second and third one were dreadful), it's still very disappointing that Slott's looking to put them down over politics instead of screenplay and acting quality, perhaps as much the machines as the humans. I think Slott's transformed into a political commentator, though he was never truly a writer in the first place.

Now, about Slott's recent possible trolling here, which, amusing as it is to see him so frustrated, just isn't socially acceptable. The IP address,, traced to New York City and comes from Time Warner Cable. Here's 2 samples that fit his MO:
Every day you leave this post up, you look like a brain dead moron, Avi.
The fact that you actually believe that the phrase "Art is not a democracy" has anything to do with "communism" is laughable.
That's what everyone who reads this entry is doing, laughing at the idiot who jumped to that stupid conclusion.
You're a joke, Avi Green. A big fucking joke.
Note the use of the F-word in his comment. Not sure why somebody wishing to constructively disagree would resort to that kind of language, though he is quite a barrel of laughs. And then:
"Art is not a democracy."
Most people understand that has nothing to do with communism.
Not Avi.
Avi's an idiot.
Worse than that, Avi's so insecure about his opinions,
Avi has to erase comments off his comment section that let people know just how much of an idiot he really is.
That makes Avi an idiot and a coward.

What's funny: "Art is not a democracy" isn't the liberal hot button Avi thinks it is.
Noted Right Winger, Gore Vidal, said it first.
But when modern day liberals quote it, then Avi gets enraged and tries to twist it into some form of pro-Communist saying. Because Avi Green is a moron.
I wonder if Slott's harassed any more women with comments like those? Or would he troll on a police officer's site? If I were a member of his family, I'd be embarrassed at his online behavior.

If Slott is the one who posted those foul-mouthed comments, then he's crossed the line from mere disagreement to internet stalking, which is a very serious offense. It's bad enough he already trolled against a woman online. He'd be advised to cease any contact with people he doesn't like, if he doesn't want to embarrass himself, because Time Warner Cable has divisions for reporting abuse of their systems, and could investigate him for online stalking, which, again, is a serious offense. And you know what? As of now, I encourage anybody who's been targeted by the above IP to contact TWC's abuse center and ask them to investigate. Slott's doing a grave disfavor for the medium by trolling and stalking online, and is clearly going off the deep end. Here's more information about some of Slott's vicious online antics, which are unbecoming of a man working in a corporate-based job. He must be a very lonely man, desperate for attention, but unable to realize the right ways to get it. I can guess. He's the kind of sad case who's addicted to the internet far more than family life, and can't see the brighter parts of life. Can't look for a job in agriculture, which he might excel in far better than scriptwriting at this point, and one has to wonder what his relationships with the opposite sex are like at the moment.

In the end, he sure does provide some comedy at how cowardly he is, unable to speak to people in his own name, let alone be polite, which could help ensure his comments would remain longer, and unable to relate to real people while taking out his frustrations on perfect strangers.

Special thanks to Kashmir Hill at Forbes for giving me the tips I'd need to figure out who was abusing TWC's services.

Update: I've just sent an email to the abuse department at TWC. I'm even thinking of contacting the webmasters at a Spider-Man fansite who he once wronged to see if they can offer any advice or assistance.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't have the slightest idea who this Dan Slott was, but reading he is the creator of Ren and Stimpy, every has been said.

The guy is a pig.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 4:33:00 am  

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