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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

'Forget decency, fight the sex jihad!' The moment the most powerful woman in far-Right Pegida launches vicious attack on Muslim migrants, telling the public to 'grab your pitchforks and protect Europe'

As the Vlad Tepes Blog put it:
The “far Right” are now the people fighting for equality under the law, and safety and freedom for women, homosexuals and Jewish people.
From the Daily Mail:
The most powerful woman in far-Right Germany has made an extraordinary call for the public to ‘forget about decency’ and fight the ‘sex-jihad’ she claims is being waged against Western women. 
In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Tatjana Festerling, 51, the second-in-command of the anti-Islam group Pegida, said ‘political correctness’ was putting women and gay men at risk of assault. 
In a vicious attack on Muslim migrants and the political elite, she said: ‘Germany is like an open-air psychiatric ward with the mental illness of political correctness. ' 
We don’t have time for decency any more. If we don’t grab our pitchforks and fight the Islamisation of Europe, we are lost.' 
Her comments, in a video for MailOnline, will cause concern that a resurgent far-Right is exploiting migration to whip up racist hatred. 
"Pegida are the only ones who don’t care about being politically correct. We just don’t care. We have no scruples and no fear." 
‘We are on the rise all over the world, regaining territory that was lost to political correctness. ‘The Muslim headscarf should be banned, and radical mosques should be closed. We need to make life uncomfortable for them. 
'Migrants should be forced to register at police stations, and ultimately we need to look at deportation. If they keep crossing the border and you can't arrest them, shoot them.' Germany’s ‘refugees welcome culture’ is like a cult, she said, with anti-migrant voices being suppressed by an out-of-touch political elite. 
She continued: ‘In peaceful times, we Germans like to be decent and behave nicely to foreigners. But in times like these, we need to forget about decency. 'F*** decency. This fight against Islamisation is the last battle.’ Festerling went on to compare the Left’s supportive attitude towards migrants to ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. 
‘Even as the migrants are committing sex-jihad against women and homosexual men, the Leftists are offering them roses,’ she said. ‘They care more about young Muslim men than they do about their own women. They are infatuated with their own abusers.’ 
She continued: ‘I like hooligans. Hooligans have my respect. They have protected Pegida rallies right from the beginning against the brutal leftists. ‘I can understand why a man becomes a hooligan. 
It’s a rebellion against what I call “nipple socialism”, our feminised culture that promotes women and Muslims and wages war on white men.’ 
The Islamisation of Europe was ‘already underway’, she added, with churches being forced to remove crucifixes, pork being banned in kindergartens, Sharia police roaming the streets, and the whole of western Germany run as a ‘caliphate’. 
'Islam is a twisted ideology,' she claimed.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The woman is 100% right, but the delivery will quite harmful for the anti-jihad cause. Anybody speaking civilly on the subject is already a far right goon. What can expect when Pegida sends those messages. Nothing wrong with being careful with the delivery if we have any hope of attracting more people to the right cause.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 12:49:00 am  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Yeah, she should stop talking like I do.


Can you imagine me in her position.

LIsten, Daily Mail. You guys are a bunch of fags. The Muslims Are REstless. We gotta face facts. Allah is Satan, and the Prophet mohammed, piss be upon him, well, he gargles balls in hell.

That's the way it is. What do you want me to do about it?

Go ask the fucking Moderate Muslims what THEY are going to do about it!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 4:50:00 am  

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