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Saturday, February 20, 2016

UK High School Assigns Students To Write a Letter Telling Parents Why They Converted to Islam

Here's the Screen Shot:

The Original story is from InfoWars. If you want to read it, click here.

Then click BOOK TUITION, and you will see that it takes you to a page whose url is the following:


If this story is a hoax, it's a very elaborate hoax.

BUT, I don't think it is a hoax. Another thing you can do is, look at the URL on the Homework page. It ends with a 2. Change the 2 to a 1, and hit return, and it will take you to another page which designates some Math homework.

This is a real homework page from a real school.


"The school was the first of the new 11-16 secondary modern schools to be built in Guernsey and was opened by Princess Margaret in 1959.Les Beaucamps takes children from the parishes of the Castel, St Martin’s and St Andrew’s and is pleasantly situated affording a west coast sea view."

By appearances, "St. Martin" & "St. Andrew" within the Church of England are fully prepared to submit to Islam.

However, images of students provided at the site linked within the page quoted above here does not illustrate a culturally enriched demographic.

The course description page for religion:
"Religious Studies encourages awareness of others and their beliefs and opinions; allowing development of personal understanding about spirituality and morality.


The Les Beaucamps Religious Studies programme allows pupils to engage with religious, social and moral issues in a contemporary way. We aim to encourage a genuine passion for the subject as well as give pupils the space to develop their emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Pupils focus on developing key skills including debating and learning to show empathy when discussing a topic or viewpoint that does not necessarily reflect their own. Throughout the key stage three course they will work on a variety of topics such as the importance of religion and its role in society, different ‘ways of seeing’, and what is truth? We also explore some of the six major world religions and ethical issues such as Apartheid and Fair Trade. As they move into key stage four they begin to tackle the issues lined up by the Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies course. This encourages them to continue the development of their spiritual and moral awareness by thinking of a variety of emotive issues from the purpose of life to when life should end."

Mrs Andrea Fitton (Head of Department)
(contact info avail at that link)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, but my prognosis is nothing can save GB. The islands should sink in the ocean and take the evil along to the deep cold, blue sea ... Nobody has the right to be that stupid, and self defeating.
They are a sorry descent of those who bravely survived the deadly battles of the past. Maybe they have been convinced they forfeited their right to survival, and all is left for them is dhimmitude as that is all they deserve after being such a powerful empire. Who knows ...? But they sure do not have the right to poison and rot the rest of the civilized world.

Saturday, February 20, 2016 7:18:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE: "Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies"

GCSE and A level reform 2015 - Edexcel reveals imagery of significant increase in culturally enriched student body.

"New A levels for first teaching from September 2015 and first assessment in summer 2017 are" include "Religious studies".

Subjects in the second stage will be available for first teaching in September 2016. These are Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Languages, Geography, Design and Technology, Drama, Dance, Music, Physical Education and Religious Studies.
Another link which focuses on Islam GCSE requirements:
[PDF]Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies Specification: Unit … (school/madrassa? in Leicester )
14 slide presentation on Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies UK As A Multi-Ethnic Society (revealing)

Saturday, February 20, 2016 8:46:00 pm  

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