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Friday, June 17, 2016

Definition of Pundits who HAVE IT WRONG and WHY - Continetti

Matthew Continetti is editor at the Washington Free Beacon, a publication I would say I agree with about 80% of the time.

Again, Full Disclosure, as of today I will vote for Trump because no matter what, Hillary has demonstrated from a position of power she is unacceptable in EVERY SINGLE WAY. I have no love for Trump.

However Trump is CORRECT on the critical issues right now and there are ONLY 2
Mr. Continetti, HERE, has made a few points worthy of discussion, in a vicious encomium obliterating the person known as Donald Trump and his success in the R party as an icon for the end of the GOP VIA ITS VOTERS

He ends this way…
How cathartic it is to give voice to your fury, to wallow in self-righteousness, in helplessness, in self-serving self-pity. It’s what one expects of teenagers, artists, bloggers, pajama boys—immature, peevish, radical, self-destructive behavior. If that is how Republican voters would like to end their days, in a defensive posture of suspicion and loathing of this big crazy wonderful country that has made them literally the wealthiest and most entitled generation of human beings in the history of the world, well, that’s their right as Americans, I suppose. Best of luck. The Darwin Award will be ready for you November 9.

“big crazy wonderful country that has made them literally the wealthiest and most entitled generation of human beings in the history of the world”

When the median income is declining over a time when we had a democratic president, and a republican majority, when people are making less money working more and WALMART is laying off thousands, when the enemy terrorists spend WEEKS trying to buy body armor and weapons SIMULTANEOUSLY and the warned FBI cannot or will not act, and the Taliban control more of Afghanistan than at any time since 2001, when the R party pushes free trade as manufacturing, then engineering and now R&D and STEM EVAPORATE until we can’t even HEAR the giant sucking sound anymore, and the D party goes along as long as we fund retraining for those about to lose their jobs and have neither faith nor security the training will beget new ones, when the pundit class is certain in the media they serve they have faith that a ‘center-right’ governor of do nothing pablum will make a false case of a better future rather than an observer of bitter, bitter truths you know what you get?

In the past few weeks it has been INSTRUCTIVE to see one mentoring pundit tell the people they are too stupid to know how stupid they are with a dismissive contempt of a tweet, and now this where Mr. Continetti’s bitter hate of the republicans voters who rejected his world view on display, as well as his hope for their castigation.

After all this time, the only reason we don’t have a communist running against a billionaire is super-delegates of the rigged D party, and these ‘analysts’ still have not figured out that a MAJORITY of the people (R+D) actually find their situation and the situation of this nation is UNSUSTAINABLE.


IN DANGER as is their personal future, economically and therefore physically.

I guess that’s invisible when you have a dream job, inside a cocooned industry, and you fulfill your professional passions every day, in a ‘big crazy wonderful country’, but it’s not in a place like Washington County, Maine, where they are probably afraid to vote anything but D because they are petrified they will lose the aid they need to survive. Maybe you will tell them to cowboy up and move away from their generations of family and careers in paper, textiles, and shoes which have evaporated (along with wood products, now).

After all, if they get retraining in Spanish, I hear they can build Ford F-150′s in Mexico.
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