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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Why the Republicans are being STUPID over the gun/terrorist watch list effort

We need a watch list. We need a no fly list. (Why they are not one and the same is beyond me, and an issue for some other time)

Today those lists are black boxes decided on by a star chamber.

We know there are (plenty?) of people on those lists who don’t belong there. People who are on the lists have no idea they are on the lists unless they have been contacted by someone from the govt or they have tried to fly and been refused.

We also know from the FBI investigations of the enemy terrorists in San Bernadino, Boston and Orlando there are WAY MORE people who should be on the list.

No one in the USA wants the people who are correctly on those list to have a gun. Anyone who wants such people armed with guns, please step forward.

These people will probably go get a propane tank and surround it with ball bearing and nails, and a detonator of some sort, but that’s not the point here.

The point is that depriving such people of a gun is not the issue, the accuracy of the LISTS is the issue.

How the NO-FLY/TERRORIST WATCH list is created and making sure it is accurate should be the center of this discussion.

Trying to keep 2A intact for enemy terrorists who are ether sleeper agents or saboteur murderers is a LOSING ARGUMENT, and worse, a BAD ONE from any angle.

Every time the Republicans try to oppose this on the grounds of the Constitution makes people question the basis of the 2nd Amendment

Of course if our leaders had the SLIGHTEST sense, we would have simply DECLARED WAR on ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, Hezballah etc wherever they are and thus make enemy terrorists, and sleeper agents here subject to imprisonment on that basis.

But of course, instead we are fighting over whether or not such people must have their rights upheld in order to uphold 2A for all.

Republicans, get behind the scene, and take on WHO creates the list, and HOW it is created, and create a clear mechanism for getting OFF the list if you are on it by error. Make THAT the center of this debate. Don’t let the debate turn into making Orlando a GUN ISSUE. when an enemy terrorist saboteur attacked the new front line, Americans who happen to be XXXXXX is the objective reality.

This PRECISE scenario is why we have Trump. The D’s act like strident children, and the R’s act like stubborn ones.

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