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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Munich: Nine People Slaughtered on 5th Anniversary of Breivik's Mass Murder, Video Shows One of Shooters Cursing About "Turks"


I'm not sure, 
but I think this is the video referred to 
in the body of the story.

I guess I was wrong is supposing this was the work of Muslims.

From CNN:
A profanity-filled verbal exchange between a man who matches the description of the Munich shooter and a witness was posted on social media Friday. The exchange, recorded on two different camera phones, captured an intense conversation that ends in gunfire. The man who appears to be a shooter said insulting things about Turks, did not espouse jihadist ideology and spoke with a German accent. 
• Police said that at least 10 people were injured and that special forces from Bavaria and surrounding federal states have been brought in as reinforcements. 
• Nine bodies have been found in or around the Munich shopping center, police said at a press conference. Police are trying to verify whether one of these bodies could be one of the shooters, Munich police tweeted.
UPDATE - Now, Police are saying there was only one shooter.

So, who's the guy in the video ranting about "Turks"?
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