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Monday, August 15, 2016

Germany approves of Islamically sanctioned pedophilia and inbreeding

Breitbart via Jihad Watch:
A regional German court has recognised as valid the marriage of a 14-year-old Syrian girl to her 20-year-old cousin, despite the legal age for marriage in Germany being 16. The case represents a landmark ruling, with the Federal Court set to adjudicate on the implications for the country as a whole.
A 20-years-old guy marries his 14-years-old cousin. Then they move to Germany and the government there respects this odious consequence of sharia law.

Muslims consider their Procunt Muhammad to be a perfect man. According to Muslims, he was morally flawless. Any criticism of him is punished with death. He was over 50-years-old when he married his 6-years-old wife Aisha.

Will the German government also respect that?

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