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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Hillary Is an INTJ - Another Reason She Should Not Be President

Kathy Shaidle at Five Feet of Fury explains why Hillary should not be President:

I’m a female INTJ, too. We are very rare.
That is good.
Jim Goad compares Hillary to Nurse Ratched, which is a lazy meme but that doesn’t mean he isn’t right, if in a “wrong” kind of way.
I’ve explained why Nurse Ratched is my hero.
Do you really think I’d be a good president?
No. I’d nuke half the world on day one.
I’d raise the retirement age to 75 overnight and close down the EPA, implode the UN, mow down Mexicans at the border — Mow your own damn lawns!
I’d have to stick a fake unconvincing smile on my face to get through photo ops.
Or maybe I would just BAN photo ops. I’m the president, bitches!
Do you wonder why Hillary doesn’t give press conferences? Wonder no more; I hate talking on the phone.
Why should I have to EXPLAIN myself to you IDIOTS ugh it is SOOOOO EXHAUSTING explaining the OBVIOUS!!!
That’s what she’s thinking.
She also thought, at some point:
Well, that’s my one kid I’ve had so I can say I had one and people will shut up now.
We don’t just look alike. I’m telling you:
You don’t want this woman in charge.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In January, 2009 I told anyone who would listen that we had just witnessed the last peaceful transfer of power in the US in my lifetime. I was wrong!

Since 2010 we have witnessed a very peaceful transfer of power...from the Legislative to the Executive branch of government at the Federal level. All this accomplished while under nominal GOPe control; which members would rather do the bidding of Obama, Reed, Pelosi, and Hillary than represent the interests of the people who sent them to DC.

The Capitol has become the equivalent of the House of Lords: 535 clanging gongs, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing except the base desire to enrich themselves at public expense.

Off with their heads!

Thursday, August 04, 2016 6:03:00 pm  

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