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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Knife wielding Muslim attacks female police officers in Belgium

The Muslims Are Restless

From The Last English Prince:
The Last English Prince is a nurse. 
So when I read of the latest (weekly) act of terror by a Muslim shedding blood as an act of worship to their god I respond as a nurse who understands trauma. 
Deep facial wounds 
The Muslim male inflicted deep facial wounds on one of the two women he managed to attack prior to being relieved of his madness. 
Facial soft tissue trauma can be extremely disfiguring. There can be fractured facial bones and loss of teeth. 
Injuries can include the hard and soft palate, cheekbones, and facial nerves. Throw in the chin and eye sockets. 
The first thing which comes to my mind when considering this attack is the police woman’s smile. 
In an open face society we smile at our counterpart. And this ability to smile is dependent of facial nerves and groupings of muscles. 
In doing a quick image search for facial injuries and smiles most depictions are of injuries involving blunt force trauma. They are not deep penetrating wounds. 
An American in London was knifed to death a few short days ago. (“Motive unknown”) This act was preceded by knife and machete attacks from France to Germany, perpetrated by adult Muslim males. 
A Belgium woman may now face months of painful reconstruction surgeries. She may also be a candidate for a facial transplant on scale of this woman. 
Facial transplant after attack by Chimpanzee 
As you consider resettlement programs, parachuting large groups of Muslim migrants onto Western soil, allowing millions of Muslim males to march across Europe’s borders, do one small thing. 
Smile in the mirror. Of course this will never happen to you. 
I agree with Donald Trump. Until we can figure the hell out what is going on…. I do not hate Muslims. I do understand the dynamic of what is happening. I have figured it out. You should be frightened. 
The protection of Western civilization and her citizens should be the top priority of our policy officials. 
How much is your smile worth to you?
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Blogger Always On Watch said...

I respond as a nurse who understands trauma.

On this morning's news, the commentaries were downplaying the woman's facial trauma. In fact, some reports didn't even mention that she was slashed in the face.

Bastards all! All = the sons of Allah who did this and the Enemedia.

Sunday, August 07, 2016 12:18:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only did Australia pass a blasphemy law - they immediately Conducted raids & arrests of counter-jihad activists in Victoria via VladTepesblog

BREAKING: Australia mass stabbing – at least one teenager dead and six more wounded in Sydney attack via BareNakedIslam/DailyTelegraph

Sunday, August 07, 2016 2:59:00 pm  
Anonymous The Last English Prince said...

As a seasoned journalist, I looked for confirmation of the injuries to the police officer. Multiple credible sites wrote of deep facial wounds.

As a nurse, I believe it is important that victim impact statements also find their way into the media stream.

What does it mean to receive deep facial wounds?

What does it mean to be a small French girl and receive a lung perforation in a knife attack while on vacation.

What does it mean to sustain suffer head trauma after being struck by a lorry in Nice?

I have always noted in journalism that reality is not sensationalism. The reality is that knife wounds are horrific. And the time it takes for an individual to cross a span of fifteen feet from a victim is not enough time to respond to the threat unless a weapon is in hand. I learned this fact while doing close quarter combat training in the Navy.

The woman who received facial slashing lacked the time to remove a holstered weapon.

Anonymous, thank you for posting regarding the Sydney attack. I will check out the news.

Sunday, August 07, 2016 5:19:00 pm  
Anonymous The Last English Prince said...

The link posted by anonymous is scant on details. It is at this point a crime scene and other than that, not much is known. It is good to always pull back from stories that are breaking. In a digital age it can be easy to jump to conclusions. Confirmation required for attribution for the attack and identity of the one wielding the knife.

A comment at the site also notes the anti-blasphemy measure is not federal, but a territorial statute.

Sunday, August 07, 2016 5:26:00 pm  

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