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Sunday, September 04, 2016

21 Days in August: World War M - FINAL PART

A few years ago, I wrote a series of posts on how World War IV - or what some call World War M - could begin through the eyes of a blogger. 

Here is the Final Part.

I started thinking about how the coming world war would play out if we took random opinions and news items and stitched them together portraying, over a 21 day period, one scenario of how World War M will enfold. Granted there are others, but this one, as an escalation process, I believe is most likely grounded in what pundits are saying the coming war would look like. It's interesting that I had to make so few changes from that time.

I wonder how much of this will actually transpire.
Day Sixteen: 12:00 PM PST

The news is bleak. Many demonstrations throughout cities in theUS demand that the government do something about the Muslim threat. The Administration is under siege and there are calls by Congress to quarantine the threat. Some of the public are not waiting. In the southwest from Arizona to Texas, vigilante groups roam the frightened cities of their cities doing ‘citizens arrests’ of any young Muslim male. They are taken to secure places like auto impound lots and herded into make shift compounds. The local police side with the vigilantes and refuse to force them to release the Muslim youths. Michelle Malkin’s blog reports that the governor of those states called out the National Guard but the local residents surround the make shift internment camps and riots breakout between them and the guardsmen. There are casualties on both sides.

The President calls out the US ARMY but instead of freeing the Muslim youths, he orders the Army to take them to specially set up internment camps that are being constructed for the detaining of all Muslim youths between the ages of 14 and 35 and their families for their ‘protection’. The ACLU, NAAACP, CAIR and other civil liberties organization demand action from Congress and the Supreme Court to cease the internment of Muslim-Americans. We are headed towards a constitutional crisis.

Day Seventeen: 8:50 PM PST

I can’t believe my eyes. But there it is in a grainy color cell phone picture. It’s an image of a mushroom cloud over Tehran. All the TV news stations are running the picture with their talking heads analyzing the event. What we can gather is this much. Tehran did not expect this. But what else would Israel think after all the threats of extinction from Iran?

Iran probably thought that with Europe and the US mired in civil war and terrorists attacks, it was time to act on Israel. It seemsTehran launched a long range ballistic missile at Tel Aviv. Israel figured it was a nuke and let off one to Tehran. As it turned out, and Israel confirms this, it was a conventional missile meant to be a warning of things to come and exploded near Tel Aviv. But how would Israel know? Iran has the bomb and has continuously threatened to wipe Israel off the map. What a tragic blunder byIran. Iran promises a swift retaliation. I fear the balloon has gone up in the Middle-East.

Day Eighteen: 7:15 AM PST

That’s it. It happened. Nuclear war in the Mid-East. Iran counter-attacked last night with nukes and many of Israel’s cities are in ruins. On the other hand, many of Iran's major cities have been decimated by overwhelming Israeli nukes which outnumbered those of Iran by 20 to one – many with MIRVs (Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles). Israel also used neutron bombs (not very well known, even by NATO) on Iran's oil infrastructure killing the human occupants with short-term deadly gamma radiation but leaving the physical infrastructure intact. But the fallout from Iran's nukes on Israel has poisoned the Palestinian West Bank and Jordon. The radioactive fallout is working its way towards Syria and Iraq. Iraqis and Western contract workers are fleeing the country and oil production is at a standstill.

But that’s not all. The Straits of Hormuz are closed by the Iranians. They have sunk three fully loaded tankers in the Straits with cruise missiles and then, taking a leaf out of Saddam's book, lit fire to the oil slick. All tanker traffic is at a standstill. Pipelines carrying Iranian oil out of the country have been severed by what’s left of the Israeli air force. Europe will be freezing in the dark in a few months.

Day Nineteen: 9:40 PM PST

Christ! Can things get any worse? Islamist terrorists have overthrown the oil sheiks in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. There are reports that the kingdoms of Yemen, Oman, UAE and Qatar are also under siege. Here in the US, the internment of Muslim-American has been made official. The Administration declares general internment citing the precedence of Japanese-Americans in WWII. The Attorney General suspends ‘habeas corpus’. Muslim organizations are shut down indiscriminately until the Attorney General can ascertain whether they pose a threat to national security. The offices of CAIR in both the US and Canada are shut down.

Day Twenty: 10:15 AM PST

The BBC reports that NATO troops are being sent to the Arabian Peninsula to secure the oil fields. China states emphatically that they will not accept US and European forces occupying theArabian Peninsula. The US tells China that they are willing to give China access to oil after the region is ‘stabilized’. India sides with China and demands that it’s allowed to send a military mission to the Arabian Peninsula. Pakistan threatens war if India follows through.

Day Twenty One: 8:05 PM PST

I feel this is the end. I left my home and fled to our cabin up in the north woods. The New York Times reported that North Korea, prompted by China, has fired nuclear missiles at Japan andChina has invaded Taiwan. The President ordered a full retaliatory attack on North Korea decimating its military capability. Tonight, as we pack up the last of our belongings, we hear reports from the bloggosphere that China has ordered its citizens into fallout shelters.

May God help us.


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Anonymous The Last English Prince said...


I have enjoyed reading what is a compendium of thought intertwined with some interesting scenarios.

In looking at ThreatCon levels there are many aspects:

Chronic low grade - hence manageable politically albeit spreading about the misery to the lowest levels.

Flashpoints: More of a cluster but also manageable on some scale

Incremental threats: push backs against our democracy, our liberties and our freedoms. These are more difficult to elucidate in cogent manner, yet they do exist.

Within the Islamic doctrine, true free moral agency is a provocation against the Lord of the Worlds (alamin: man, beasts, and jinn) and cannot be allowed. From this granular thought Hisbah, or the intricate laws governing public order and governmental regulation unfold in both noticeable and nuanced manner inside Islamic Republics.

When the West first lauded the "Arab Spring" I immediately tagged it as "Carbon Winter". The rejoicing was foolish and the lack of discernment appalling. We live in a different era than that of the 20th century. And while it is hoped that a carbon winter does not initiate a nuclear winter - nothing is as it seems.

I do believe that bloggers have provided a valuable service to the reading public. And as we refine and continue to define the ethical parameters of our craft, our collective voices are finding strength.

All of this is good because it is about one thing: freedom.

Again, I have enjoyed reading your thoughts.

Kind regards,


Sunday, September 04, 2016 6:52:00 pm  
Blogger WC said...

Thx prince for your kind comment5.

Sunday, September 04, 2016 8:10:00 pm  
Blogger christian soldier said...

great take on what is to come-if we do not get back to the original intent of our Constitution - and Declaration -
you will be going to your cabin- I am looking for an island- to start another Republic-- and I am not being SARC-- thank you WC

Monday, September 05, 2016 7:06:00 am  

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