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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

The next regressive step

Daily Mail:
An Muslim who runs polygamy matchmaking websites today claimed men who want a second wife are born that way - just as homosexuals are born gay.
Fantastic rhetoric.
  • Past: If you opposed homosexual marriage, then you were opposed to love. Worse, you were a homophobe.
  • Present: If you oppose polygamy, then you are opposed to love. Worse, you are an Islamophobe.
  • Future: If you oppose homosexual child marriage (pedophilia), then you will be opposed to love. Worse, you will be a homophobe and an Islamophobe. You will be literally Hitler.
Back to the sharia love machine:
Azad Chaiwala caused outrage as he said he was 'coming out' on Good Morning Britain, as he defended his websites Polygamy.com and Secondwife.com, which now have more than 100,000 members.
Azad Chaiwala? Laughs. That translates to Free Tea Guy.

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