Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Won't you feel sorry for the poor Muslim

Muslim Girl: NYC’s Muslim Suspect Alert Was A Reckless Call to Violence.
I pulled out my phone and read the alert on my screen and looked up and immediately noticed a number of faces glaring at me with hints of anger and suspicion.
I’m still collecting my thoughts about those moments, but I can tell you that it didn’t feel good for my appearance to almost imprison me. I’ll never forget every one of those glares for the rest of my life, nor will my disgust with the alert ever disappear.
Memo to infidels: Stop looking at Muslims with those glares like sharks with freaking laser beams. Just because Muslims are following their evil religion and targeting and killing Americans almost every month, it doesn't give you the right to give them mean looks. Stop it with that visual oppression. It hurts, okay. It really really hurts.
The inequity of life-value of Muslims in the West versus in the East is slowly inching toward a common point. Our status as humans is tied to the refugee, the terrorist, the cockroach — an ugly irony that supersedes borders, but only in inducing pain.
That's funny. It's infidels who are systematically discriminated against and slaughtered in the East. Look at the Middle East. Look at what's called Pakistan. Note the populations of Christians and Jews there. It has been decreasing for decades. Some killed, some died of old age, many simply packed up and left.

Now look at the West. The population of Muslims, in both absolute and percentage terms, has been increasing. The result? More violent, targeted attacks on non-Muslims in the West. The savagery and barbarism that's the norm in the Islamic world has been imported into the West.
We cannot be eradicated wholesale because it’s inconvenient. If you are willing to racially profile any group of people, you are not far off from wanting to kill them off as well. History does not lie.
Two points.

1) Which race is Islam?

2) The US racially profiled the Germans and the Japanese during WWII. By some historical miracle, they survived.
No words are lucid enough to explain what the past 15 years have done to shape my psyche in ways that are harmful and traumatic, but have helped build my character as any form of oppression does.
Those mean looks really hurt!

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