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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Wow!!! NBC News Reports on Persecution of Gay Pro-Trump Conservative Lucian Wintrich by Liberal ‘Puritans’

The tide seems to be shifting. CNN covered Trump's trip to meet with the Mexican President, and now NBC is being honest about the bigotry of Liberals:

NBC News Reports on Persecution of Gay Pro-Trump Conservative Lucian Wintrich by Liberal ‘Puritans’

In the 6 minute long piece, NBC did something we rarely see any more, especially when covering conservatives…..they let him speak for himself. 
And he does so eloquently. 
In the interview, which was filmed prior to Hillary’s bizarre and paranoid alt-right speech, Wintrich describes the exact playbook that Hillary ultimately embraced (and the left will continue to use) against those who dare to speak for themselves. 
As Wintrich explains, “These words that they hurtle likes stones. It’s a way of silencing the other person through this politics of personal destruction.” 
Watch the whole video, who knows when the next time we will see a fair and interesting piece about a conservative from the MSM again. 
Lucian Wintrich, the openly gay conservative behind the controversial “Twinks4Trump” photo series, talks to NBC OUT contributor Jodi Savitz about political satire, why liberals are “the new Puritans” and how he lost his job for “believe[ing] in small government.”
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politico: Bill Clinton used tax dollars to subsidize foundation and private email server Program for ex-presidents paid salaries and benefits to Clinton aides at the center of controversies.

Thursday, September 01, 2016 2:10:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

News didn't travel as rapidly as the internet in the past yet apparently, some things apparently don’t change very much through time.
It’s interesting to check out the ancient archives of print media for news of the day. For instance, the site NY Historic Newspapers.org can be searched back to the 18th century.
As I perused the link, searching for news during the month of September in any of the archived papers, I came upon this page
PDF of The New-York Gazette From September 2. to Monday September 9. 1728, Nub. 149
Select quotes:
Venice, June 13. By Order of our Magistrates of Health, an Edict is published, forbiddeng the Tenure this year of the Fair at Semigall(sp?), on account of the present state of the Infection, which tho' its abated in the island of Zant, yet it still carries off great Numbers in Notolia, Abaia, Southern Turkey, Constantinople, Smirna, Thebes, Salona, the Isles of Archipelego, and several other parts of the Morea; so that no Goods brought from these places are to be admitted, tho' the Fair used to be fully stock'd with Turkish Merchandize.
*Rati bon* June 14
They write from Hebron, That such is the Treatment of the Prostestants in the Pallatinate, that they not only imppison them, but chain them like the worst of Criminals: That they no only refuse to let them speak in their own Defense, but give credit to every word that is alledg'd by their Accusers. In short, the Sword and the Gallows, is all their cry.
"Madrid, June 20. A Proclamation is published here, enjoyning the Performance of Quarentine by all Ships coming from the Levant, which Quarentine was to hold 40 days; and all Ships from Gr. Britain, Holland or North, shall perform a Quarentine of 20 days only.

Thursday, September 01, 2016 2:37:00 pm  

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