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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Christian Immigrants Threatened With Beheading For Being “Unbelievers” By Muslim Refugees

The Muslims Are Restless

See? Importing millions of Muslim "Refugees" into Europe will have no negative effect whatsoever.

From The Express:
Christians living in a migrant centre in Rotenburg, central Germany, are facing death threats and ‘sentencing’ by unofficial Sharia council, according to a shocking study released by the Christian persecution charity. 
In one horrifying case, a Christian migrant returned from church to find a notice in one of the rooms saying: “To all Muslims: now is the time to behead the unbelievers.” 
Christians were forced to flee the camp in a desperate bid to avoid an attack, according to research by Open Doors. 
One Iranian recalled the terrifying moment she heard a group of men shouting: 
“Whoever finds an Iranian woman today may rape and killer her. Kill them all." 
“You may kill and rape them. You can do it, everywhere. Wherever you find them, you may do that.”
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