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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Germany: Student Refuses Mosque Visit: 300 Euro Penalty

Student refuses mosque visit: 300 Euro penalty
According to the syllabus-topic “The Orient – power factor water and crude oil”, a school class in the German Rendsburg was scheduled to visit a mosquee. But one 13 year old student did not want to participate, as the online portal “mmnews.de” reports. 
The parents were seeking dialogue with the school after the announcement of the field trip destination. 
Since they aren’t members of any denomination or faith community, they were of the opinion that no one can be forced to step inside a religious facility. 
“Why should we send our child to people who generally despise and condemn unbelievers”, the parents asked the school. 
300 Euro penalty and forced visit 
The German Constitutional law would agree, but the responsible parties at the school see it differently. 
The school headmistress filed a complaint with the police and the county school inspector decreed a penalty charge notice, against the mother as well as against the father of the student. Reason: The child did not attend the “information event” at the mosque. 
Now the parents look like “dangerous felons”, they say. There never was a hearing. The penalty charge notice never considered any exculpatory circumstances. Therefore the parents “didn’t in a satisfying manner care, for their child’s school attendance”. 
Now a 300 Euro penalty charge looms and a forced visit to the mosque. The parents have filed an appeal. Therefore this case will be heard in district court soon.
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