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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Citibank Warns of 5% Drop In S&P If Trump Wins (As Globalist Scurry In All Directions Like Cockroaches When Someone Turns The Light On)

From CNBC:
Donald Trump win could spark an immediate sell-off of up to 5 percent for the S&P 500, according to analysts at Citi, who also warn on slower growth or even recession for the U.S. 
A survey run in September by the U.S. investment bank showed Wall Street strongly believes Hillary Clinton is set to clinch victory in next week's vote but the poor performance of U.S. equity markets in the wake of last Friday's news of the latest FBI probe into the Democratic candidate's emails, shows concerns of a Trump win are mounting. 
According to the latest note out from global equity strategists at Citi Friday, fears for stocks after a Trump victory are two-fold. In the longer-term says the research team, "A Trump win risks slower growth or recession if trade is restricted and fiscal expansion plans curtailed. 
Uncertainty alone could hit the economy. Global growth will also be impacted if uncertainty rises, U.S. growth is hit and U.S. financial conditions tighten. 
"If Donald Trump were to win, that outcome would have been unexpected and thereby may cause a jump in the equity risk premium with negative P/E (price –to-earnings) multiple repercussions. We think a Trump victory could spark a 3-5 percent setback in the S&P 500," summarizes the Citi note.

Look, folks, IT IS INEVITABLE.


If Trump wins, they know their scams will end, and they will no longer be allowed to cull the economy.

Specifically, what they have been doing is setting up scams whereby government money (THAT'S TAX MONEY TO FOLKS LIKE YOU AND ME) is flooded into certain corners of the market, only to be siphoned off by those who paid the lawmakers to make the laws.

This has been done repeatedly.

The last recession was a perfect example of when the scam runs out.

How best to make it so illegal aliens flood the United States? Offer them a home-buying system so easy anyone can "get into a house." 

Thus the Mortgage Banking Crisis was created by the supposed good intentions of a government-created institution (Fannie Mae) lending money to "lower-income" buyers so that "everyone can achieve the American Dream of home ownership". 

The major current scam is another Globalist scam; GREEN ENERGY. 

Again, Globalist Corporatists pay lawmakers to pump government money into corners of the economy so that they can set up their scams and siphon off the money. Such expenditures are, in fact, mandated by Globalist Agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol (which are not law, but which the Globalist "believe in" so thoroughly that they might as well be law). 

Again, that's our tax money we're talking about.

There are many other such scams built into all systems of the Government and the Economy. There are scams built into Education (Macintosh computers in all classrooms), Obamacare/Healthcare, Obamaphones, Internet (everyone needs to have access, after all), Transgender in the Workplace, Military re-education and reorientation towards Transgender, etc. etc.

Any scam in the economy acts like a virus in the body. Energy that could be used in healthy bodily pursuits must collect around the virus, in a concentrated attempt to fix the problems the virus causes. 

Removing the virus allows the body to return to normal.

The longer a body has been sick with the virus, the longer the recovery process.

And, as I said, the Globalists have had years and years to set up these scams.

If Trump is elected and he does what he says (repeals Obamacare, renegotiates NAFTA, cancels TPP, removes corruption from the system), these magical fountains of money will dry up for the Globalist/Corporatists who have paid so handsomely to have our system of law bastardized and re-structured in their favor.

I would fully expect a recession or great magnitude --- to be followed a year or two later (recall Reagan) by a Recovery, a massive, forward surging wave in the economy like we haven't seen in years and years now.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There will be a much greater than 5% drop in the S&P in the near future and Trump will have nothing to do with it.

The question the MSM should be asking is: What section of the American population is best prepared to weather that storm. But they won't ask that question, and they won't even consider it worth asking, because they are all, like, 27 years old and too stupid right?

Saturday, November 05, 2016 10:02:00 pm  

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