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Monday, November 07, 2016

UK: Muslims in Blackburn told trick or treaters to avoid “their streets” on Halloween

From the Rebel:
The flyer below was placed on public places like lamp posts and so on in the British city of Blackburn. It shows the uniquely Islamic approach to multiculturalism, which is to say, "we don't like it, so you mustn't do it". 
Most other cultures simply politely decline to participate, but rarely tell the host population not to do their own cultural practices themselves. 
The text reads: 
Dear people of Blackburn, Halloween is approaching and we, the Muslim community of little Harwood, would kindly ask you to avoid coming through our streets and to our houses during Halloween, (an impure holiday due to its pagan roots) Celebrating it around our homes desecrates our families. We therefore ask you to explain this situation to your children and avoid them knocking on our doors to play Trick or Treat on Halloween. 
We wish you a happy holiday and expect you to respect and way of life (sic) The Muslims of Little Harwood 
We would like to add a fatwa to support our request.
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