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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Gene Ha's anti-Trump tweets

Here are two posts comics artist Ha wrote a few weeks ago, but are still relevant for anybody wondering what various left-wing creators are bound to be spouting out during Donald Trump's upcoming term of office. First, Ha said:

Something wrong with Trump doing any kind of business in the theater medium and/or India? I don't see the point of this. But the next one, that's where Ha really becomes disgusting:

Sigh. Look at who's not looking at himself in the mirror when he cries "misogyny". He who gives Brad Meltzer all the backing he won't give to Orson Scott Card. And what proof does Ha have that Bannon's anti-Israel and anti-semitic? And, why do I get the feeling he hasn't paid any attention to any of the Jewish/Israeli sources who've come to Bannon's defense? A standout example would be rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who knows another Jewish guy - Joel Pollak - who's contributed to Breitbart. Ha's "bit" is, in the words of this Jewish Press article, quite impotent.

The pretentious artist Gene Ha only makes me shake my head in disappointment again. If he's trying to do the classic "helping" routine, he's failed miserably. Yet this is surely what one can expect people like him to continue blabbering for the next 4 years when Trump's president, and it's not good.
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