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Governments are instituted among Men,
deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,
That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends,
it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,
and to institute new Government

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Cable News talking heads are talking a long confirmation process for SCOTUS/FILIBUSTER


ONE WEEK to solve, no more.
First of all, we have seen this week, the Dems are blocking the approval of cabinet officials by absenteeism.
By Senate rules there must be ONE minority member there to have such a vote.
Senate rules can be changed by simple majority
Judge Gorsuch’s appt has already been characterized as aggressive, HOSTILE and well outside the mainstream by LEADING DEMS.
Let’s take a look at what has been justified as being what ‘good’ people do because some ‘good’ people have decided President Trump is so exceptionally EVIL, BOLSHEVIK TYPE OPPOSITION is called for.
NYT RECOGNIZES the media has declared Trump is so horrible, objective reporting is no longer desirable (Martha Radatz CRIES LIVE ON AIR as Trump wins the election).
WaPo telling us they will be fair and honest, then in the SAME ARTICLE call Trump VILE
A prime professional media observer finds objectivity not only lost, but media knows it and justifies it
The Dems try to recount, then try to corrupt the electoral college.
Dems promise to approve NatSec cabinet appts, then LIE and renege causing an argument at the INAUGURAL LUNCHEON, 2 hours into the Trump presidency.
Holdover administrative leaders there ONLY to provide functionality act to COUNTERMAND Presidential Executive Orders, and when FIRED (instead of just resigning), are made into great ‘profiles in courage’
Dems repeat to the world the INIMICAL PROPAGANDA that the United States has banned Muslims from entering the nation, even as late as this morning, despite the fact that the 5 most populous Muslim nations have no more restrictions than Frenchmen or Britons, nor do any other Muslim majority nations besides the 7 on that list. After a while of this, and in viewing the DEMS UNIFIED DIALECTIC insistence on ‘Muslim ban’ and  in unified defiance of the objective reality, I start seeing Jane Fonda on antiaircraft emplacements. One has to wonder if they realize this, or if they care. There’s was a world of difference for those of you too young to remember between organizing and being in an anti Vietnam demo, and Jane Fonda becoming one with the ENEMY. And that’s what I am beginning to wonder about. I fear I will really think of these people this way, VERY SOON.
And now here we are with just a handful of cabinet appointment voted on, and facing MASSIVE RESISTANCE over 100% of all else to come as Chucky Schumer puts it.
This is Mr. McConnell’s first real test in power. The people have voted for DISTINCT change. The bottleneck right now is the Senate rules. The Democrats have decided to fight over every blade of grass because Mr. Trump is a dictator wanna be who will burn down everything around them (the latter of which they assume to be a good structure, and we sent Trump to disassemble, or if needs be BURN DOWN).

If the Senate Dems remain in full resistance mode, the rule governing one minority senator be present at a vote to HAVE a quorum must be abolished, AND the nuke option for SCOTUS appts must be deployed.

This should be LEGISLATED for this Congress, so that the Republicans can act, and have this option sunsetted as well. If they are right and the public approves their legislation, they will be returned in larger numbers in 2018. If not OUT YOU GO. #HOWITIS
THAT’S THE JOB, boys and girls in there. When in charge, TAKE CHARGE.
And in the meanwhile the Dems have ceded to Trump what the core of FDR’s support was, and are only willing to accelerate the ‘evil Trump’ meme even at the cost of TRULY DAMAGING the nation in foreign policy (‘muslim ban’ repeated as some mantra), and by increasing domestic division. The Democratic Party right now can see a majority in the electoral college solely by brownosing CERTAIN minorities, EcoGaians, and the truly radical and extreme left, and they are ACCELERATING down this path without regard for the welfare of the nation.
It’s amazing.
In the summer and fall of 2000, I was a democrat (a Reagan Dem, admittedly) who worked for the D party throughout the primaries (we lived in NH). I have absolutely no idea who these people are today. When the fight I was involved in during REAL CIVIL RIGHTS for equal opportunity has become #BLM shouting it’s ‘time to start killing people’ (a teacher, no less), when a DNC chair hopeful defines her role as ‘shutting up other white people’, and another warns that American foreign policy is controlled by JEWS, it’s time to recognize this is not JUST some loyal opposition, and it’s time to move.
I am no lover of the Republican party. And I am a believer that the nation has been ruled for at least a GENERATION by a single cooperative political class, which is why Mr. McConnell deserves a massive microscope right now, but the Democratic Party of today is populated by malignant desires, and fatal tumorous growths for the people who make up our society. They believe our identity can only be expressed as grievance laden identity groups struggling against each other, and that any gain must be at the expense of another. If Americans who are black must gain, whites must shut up, (and Asians remain quiescent for a bit?). If whites gain then everyone else must lose. If Israel is an ally, the Jews must be in control. THAT is what the Democratic party has sadly become
There is not ONE THING they are doing that will bring the nation together, make us all safer, or help us overseas.

It’s time for that party to go, and be replaced with something else.
But that does not make this conclusion UNTRUE in the slightest.
Now read this:
Why Are Progressives So Angry? Trump Defeated Their Messiah
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Blogger Always On Watch said...

If the Senate Dems remain in full resistance mode, the rule governing one minority senator be present at a vote to HAVE a quorum must be abolished, AND the nuke option for SCOTUS appts must be deployed.

My thoughts, too, last night as I watched the aftermath of the nomination of Gorsuch.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017 12:41:00 pm  
Anonymous thelastsnglishprince said...

Regarding Justice Gorsuch - our President stated he received one hundred percent approval from the Senate for his last appointment. Shouldn't that make him an easy slide into home base for this process? Nah.

As the swamp is drained the alligators are exposed. Apparently, reptilian brained Senators abound. One concern. One concern only. Maintaining their feeding pool.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017 1:07:00 pm  

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