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Friday, June 16, 2017

There's a Huge Catch in the 'Imams Refuse Funeral Prayers for London Jihadis' Story

From Robert Spencer at PJM:

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the following last Monday in New Zealand:
I was actually encouraged when I heard on the news this morning that a number of imams in London have condemned these attackers and said they will not perform prayer services over their funerals, which means they’re condemning their souls. And that is what has to be done, and only the Muslim faith can handle this.
Moderate Muslims stood up at last, right? It certainly seemed so. From the MCB statement:
Imams and religious leaders from across the country and a range of schools of thought have come together to issue a public statement condemning the recent terror attack in London and conveying their pain at the suffering of the victims and their families.
In an unprecedented move, they have not only refused to perform the traditional Islamic prayer for the terrorist -- a ritual that is normally performed for every Muslim regardless of their actions -- but also have called on others to do the same. They said:
“Consequently, and in light of other such ethical principles which are quintessential to Islam, we will not perform the traditional Islamic funeral prayer over the perpetrators and we also urge fellow imams and religious authorities to withdraw such a privilege. This is because such indefensible actions are completely at odds with the lofty teachings of Islam.”
This all sounds great, but there’s just one catch.
Muhammad himself is depicted in hadiths as forbidding funeral prayers formartyrs.
Islamic law forbids such prayers as well.
To be clear:
Withholding funeral prayers is an HONOR reserved for those who die while committing jihad.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Islamic dualism/duplicity in all it's glory.
..."war is deceit" (Hadith 4:269) and Islam specifically provides the coinage of jihad economies :

tools better known as taqiyya, tawriya, kitman and muruna

Friday, June 16, 2017 4:09:00 pm  
Anonymous thelastenglishprince said...

Let me provide a bit more information. Funeral prayers are not offered for the Shaheed because he is not dead, he is "with his Lord". He lives. He is not living along "the heights" (al-Arif - if memory serves me) but already in Paradise because martyrdom guarantees Paradise. The Shaheed has struck a bargain for his soul with Allah.

Also, the Shaheed is not bathed, nor shrouded. The blood on his clothing stands as a testament to his act.

So, yes. The refusal can work both ways, depending on the posture of the imam.

During the funeral, the imam stands at the head of the deceased to deliver the funeral prayer. There is a period of time after death where the soul is believed to be within an isthmus, not yet crossed over to the other side, and it is believed by some that during this time there is communication possible with the deceased prior to his fully crossing over.

Islamic belief also conveys that the body of the Shaheed receives a musk-like perfume odor. For those of us with medical backgrounds, our perception of that odor has more to do with science than with orthodoxy. But there was an image coming out of Chechnya several years ago about a Shaheed and the storyline mentioned that he smelled like musk.

Beliefs in the afterlife can be stronger and more enticing than stimuli which this temporal life provides.

Saturday, June 17, 2017 3:26:00 am  

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