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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Is Las Vegas Police Department a Social Justice Center, Did They Basically Invite Chaos Upon the Citizenry, and Are They Now Actively Covering Their Tracks?

Rogimoto Veritas at the conservative treehouse said:
"I direct you to page 41, paragraph 3, of the linked document. It appears as if the LVMPD has been completely taken over by progressives in 2010-12 as directed by the Obama administration."
Here it is:

Judge grants order to stop MGM Resorts from destroying evidence Updated: Oct 19, 2017 10:23 PM PDT

LAS VEGAS - Attorneys representing a woman injured in the Route 91 festival shooting say their motivation is to preserve answers.

The attorneys were in a Las Vegas courtroom against MGM Resorts International, trying to force the company to preserve records tied to the tragedy.

Rachel Sheppard was shot three times at the Route 91 festival. She's currently recovering.

Thursday morning, her attorney got a temporary restraining order issued against MGM Resorts International.

Sheppard's attorney Brian Nettles asked for the order to preserve key card records, surveillance video, radio traffic and anything connected to the shooting.

That includes the festival grounds and the room at Mandalay Bay where the shooting originated.

MGM lawyers argued the request was broad and unnecessary, since that material was already being preserved for law enforcement.

But Nettles said it was important to get it on the record and in open court, not just for his client, but for the public.

"Our concern is that before the discovery period starts, something bad could happen. That something could be altered, something could be destroyed. They said in court today, they're already looking at fixing or changing that room," he said.

Nettles said, he visited the shooter's room Wednesday and said it was dangerous, with bio-hazard materials and a still-broken window.

He said, MGM was looking to clean it up once law enforcement was finished. The order stops that from happening.

Both sides will be back in court Oct. 30

Talk about bad optics! TMZ report date 10/19/2017

Ellen DeGeneres I Got A New Beach House For $18.6M And It's Not In Malibu!

Interesting video reveals the location at which Campos received his award on Oct. 10th, Jean Georges Steakhouse, was remodeled in July 2017. The image provided of the award dinner posted online by SPFPA (Intl Union, Security, Police & Fire Prof. of America)

illustrates Campos seated in the dining room of this steakhouse before renovations which were reported in July 14, 2107 

The video also suggests the conflict in dates between award and massacre as well as the questions regarding Jesus Campos', the security guard's, apparent weight gain visible in the Ellen show. 
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

TruePundit: VIDEO: Inspector General Ducks Ambush Interview About Her Failed Oversight of Imran Awan & Family

Former U.S. Congressional Inspector General Theresa Grafenstine was confronted in San Diego Friday and questioned on why Imran Awan and family were allowed to run roughshod in Congress while she was charged with oversight of its cyber security.

She offered few answers and her handlers at the security conference quickly provided cover for Grafenstine, who recently retired as Inspector General charged with Congressional oversight.

Grafenstine, questioned by CrowdSource the Truth editor Jason Goodman, acknowledged the Awan’s case was indeed her case, however, she “turned” the case over to federal law enforcement officials in late 2016. After Goodman pressed the squeamish former IG — who now works for Deloitte as a managing director in Virginia — Grafenstine admitted no one from the FBI has questioned her about the case since late 2016.

Goodman was all but tossed out of the event for asking legitimate questions regarding Congressional security.

Grafenstine’s speech, ironically, focused on cyber security and touted her as an expert on the subject.

Goodman, along with journalist George Webb have been doggedly pursuing the Awan case for a solid year.


Saturday, October 21, 2017 6:55:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PowerLine: Mapping the Las Vegas Massacre video sync'd to available footage with timeline

Saturday, October 21, 2017 9:31:00 pm  

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