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Saturday, January 07, 2017

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel Calls For Ban On Islamist Mosques

German Politician Shows Tolerance for German People

From DW:
Social Democrats leader and German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has called for tougher measures against Islamist trends in Germany. 
His demands come just weeks after the “Islamic State”-claimed terror attack in Berlin. n an interview with German weekly Der Spiegel, German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said that “Salafist mosques must be banned, communities dissolved, and the preachers should be expelled as soon as possible.” 
“Those who encourage violence do not enjoy the protection of religious freedom,” the leader of the Social Democrats (SPD) added, stressing that he had “zero tolerance” in combating Islamism.   
Radical Islamism is regarded as the fastest-growing extremist movement in Germany. Its followers are convinced that Islam and modernity cannot be reconciled. 
“If we are serious about the fight against Islamism and terrorism, then it must also be a cultural fight,” Gabriel told Der Spiegel. 
This means strengthening the cohesion of society and ensuring that “urban areas are not neglected, villages do not fall into disrepair and people do not become more and more radicalized,” the vice chancellor added. 
Half of the followers of the so-called “Islamic State” (IS) who have travelled to Syria, are Germans, often with German parents, Gabriel said.
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Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooter Pictured in Islamic Garb – Posted on Weapons Forum About Jihadi Videos

It looks like Esteban posted on an obscure internet forum discussing Islamic videos in 2007.

Here is Santiago’s email address from a criminal report in 2015— “Naota33@hotmail.com”

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US INTELLIGENCE STATES WITH HIGH CONFIDENCE THAT: Disclosures through WikiLeaks did not contain any evident forgeries

All through Junior High School, High School, and university the stentorian pronouncements from from Pravda, Izvestia and Interfax were instantly regarded as what would later become SNL material. No one I ever knew, including the most vociferous of anti-vietnam dissidents regarded the mouthpieces of the Krushchev’s, Brezhnev’s, and Andropov’s as anything but farcical outright lies or the orgasmic self delusion of the Politburo.
As predicted there is nothing released which is news, or what I would consider further credible evidence. Nothing technical is produced at all. ZERO. There is some interesting stuff, though.
Let’s stipulate that this report represents objective reality to examine the case made…something impossible to do in objective reality
Regarding Russia, in looking for a goal of all this, the words purpose, or motive do not appear in the 25 pages. Goal appears 7 times.
We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election. Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump.
Why they would PREFER Trump tells me they are as stupid, maybe more stupid than our intelligence and experts in policy.
IVAN is going to face a better, larger air force and navy with Trump. Clinton would have continued Obama’s policies, DEMANDED by her own party as doctrine.
IVAN, whose GNP CRATERED by 40% as a function of oil (export) prices, is going to face a Trump whose DRILLING, FRACKING, and coal use is going to explode the energy market and depress their export market DRAMATICALLY.
IVAN is going to face TRUMP led NATO which is going to see it’s members do whatever they have to remain ‘current’ in accounts payable so that Trump will be there. Thoughts that what he had to say were anything but negotiation represent ‘Trump is antisemitic’ level hysteria. IVAN may be this stupid as well.
But to execute one of many long range attacks to destroy our faith in elections I can believe. Stupid also, but I can believe this goal. IVAN never understood this place.
There one other goal which looks to be tactical but may not be, in grading this report.
Pro-Kremlin proxy Vladimir Zhirinovskiy (like Putin), leader of the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, proclaimed just before the election that if President-elect Trump won, Russia would “drink champagne” in anticipation of being able to advance its positions on Syria and Ukraine.
Syria is certainly one of if not THE LONGEST standing ally of IVAN since 1917. But to chance getting caught out over trying to alter the outcome of the US election? Not unless there are thoughts about getting Turkey as an ally. Are we all remembering that Iraq has now openly discussed changing alliances and abrogating the treaties with the US (and Duterte, and Australia openly discussing the idea that China is a better long term strategic ally than the USA?)

Israeli spy satellite finds cache of advanced Russian missiles in Syria

We may be looking at IVAN seeing in his delusion the inverse of 1989 when repressed ally after ally, ran from them for us. Add Turkey to Syria and IVAN can drive or ship by train, supplies to a warm water base in the eastern med, and the Black Sea becomes …. well, that’s obvious.
THAT OUTCOME is worth rolling some dice. It’s not mentioned.
Why is the ONI more certain now then they were before the election?
The Kremlin’s principal international propaganda outlet RT (formerly Russia Today) has actively collaborated with WikiLeaks. RT’s editor-in-chief visited WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in August 2013, where they discussed renewing his broadcast contract with RT, according to Russian and Western media. Russian media subsequently announced that RT had become “the only Russian media company” to partner with WikiLeaks and had received access to “new leaks of secret information.” RT routinely gives Assange sympathetic coverage and provides him a platform to denounce the United States.
Circumstantial case, but these are facts, and why would they NOT support Assange since if he is truthful about his sources, they are helping him hurt us anyway. Like the CIA bankrolling Polish Labor unions (a most moral use of funds, wouldn’t you say?)
On 6 August, RT published an English-language video called “Julian Assange Special: Do WikiLeaks Have the E-mail That’ll Put Clinton in Prison?” and an exclusive interview with Assange entitled “Clinton and ISIS Funded by the Same Money.” RT’s most popular video on Secretary Clinton, “How 100% of the Clintons’ ‘Charity’ Went to…Themselves,” had more than 9 million views on social media platforms. RT’s most popular English language video about the President-elect, called “Trump Will Not Be Permitted To Win,” featured Assange and had 2.2 million views.
This is a big SO WHAT?
But here is the self inflicted COUP DE GRACE:
We assess with high confidence that the GRU relayed material it acquired from the DNC and senior Democratic officials to WikiLeaks. Moscow most likely chose WikiLeaks because of its self-proclaimed reputation for authenticity. Disclosures through WikiLeaks did not contain any evident forgeries.

The US INTELLIGENCE STATES WITH HIGH CONFIDENCE THAT: Disclosures through WikiLeaks did not contain any evident forgeries.

Read from here,  pages 6-12. Of course this was all known before the election.
Around all the hoopla, the case made finally devolves on the NO PROOF SHOWN argument which at it center is ..


RT … the direct descendant of PRAVDA, IZVESTIA and INTERFAX, the revealer of truth?
Not mentioned, Richard Black is s STATE SENATOR, and RICHARD BLACK IS THIS MORON

If Russia did this, then FUCK sending 35 guys home.
If Russia did this then we can STILL blow the living shit out out of ISIS with them.
But if Russia did this, then tomorrow morning at shift change in the command center of the Russian Army Strategic Rocket Forces HQ, this is what they should see:


Just 30 seconds. I think they would understand.
But what the CIA does not understand, is that THEY are in the same bubble as CNN, Rachel Maddow, the Young Turks, John Podesta, HRC, Brian WIlliams, Chris Matthews, the NYT, WaPo, and every other KNOWLEDGEABLE PERSON OF PROFESSIONAL EXPERTISE.
They have LOST THE FAITH of the people. It’s not there. This loss is so dramatic that real proof in evidence is FAR MORE IMPORTANT at this moment, to get us out of this dangerous situation between the intelligence community and the people it serves, than any consideration of methods or people compromised. If there are folks in danger get them out, and bring them out to testify.
It’s that bad.
And the smart money says, NO ONE AUTHORITATIVE INSIDE, in the IC of the USA is saying this.
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Airport Shooting Suspect Reported Hearing Voices, Say Officials

Consider the following:

NBCMiami: Airport Shooting Suspect Reported Hearing Voices: Officials

Same thing Aaron Alexis, the Navy Yard Shooter said . . . 
Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis driven by delusions Sept. 25, 2013

Esteban did have a handgun, his brother said. Bryan said he could not imagine his brother committing the crime, and speculated that perhaps he had a "flashback" from his military experience, although he said there was no PTSD diagnosis or other post-Iraq issues. "He is a regular person, spiritual, a good person," he said. 

Source: Esteban Santiago Identified as Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooter 

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Intelligence Report that Claims Russia was Behind Trump Win Was Based on Intel from 2012 Russian TV

This is stunning.

If the entire report is based on this kind of information, we may witness the credibility of our Intelligence agencies absolutely obliterated in the next few days:
According to an article overnight from Sputniknews.com regarding the highly-anticipated declassified US intelligence report information included in the report was published in 2012. 
The intelligence report was supposed to prove that Russia supported Donald Trump in the recent US election for President, The annex in the [declassified] report contained so-called evidence from Russia Today (RT) that was compiled in December 2012, right after the reelection of Barack Obama. 
The report focuses on television shows and interviews that took place four years before Trump was elected, and well before he was even a politician. In Annex A of the report, intelligence agencies claim that “Kremlin’s TV Seeks To Influence Politics, Fuel Discontent in US.” 
Buried at the bottom of that page is a note stating, “This annex was originally published on 11 December 2012 by the Open Source Center, now the Open Source Enterprise.” 
Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections Intelligence Report the report notes that two RT shows, ‘Breaking the Set’ and ‘Truthseeker’ focused on criticism of US. 
The problem is, both of these shows were off air before the 2016 election season began.

Weasel Zippers says there might, MIGHT be much more in the full report, much of which is still classified.

We shall see.
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"Migrants" to be IMMUNE from deportation if they witness ‘right-wing’ crime under proposals

From the Express:
MIGRANTS who suffer or witness “right-wing” hate crimes will be immune from deportation under proposals put forward by the federal German state of Brandenburg. 
The state parliament became the first in Germany to offer migrant victims of crime extra rights last year following a rise in recorded attacks and the new measure is now being pushed by the Ministry of the Interior. 
A statement from the ministry said: “In addition to consistently preventing and prosecuting criminal offences, special protection of the victims and special care are necessary if the victims are people of foreign origin.” 
Supporters of the move argue new arrivals are uniquely vulnerable without support networks in Germany and deportation could make their lives harder. 
The regional parliament also agreed “to ask the regional government to make sure that victims of right-wing violent crimes are offered the possibility of being issued with residence permits and tolerances”.
In other words, Germany is now incentivizing "Migrants" to report German citizens for committing hate crimes - whether they have done so or not.

A ironclad rule of life: YOU ALWAYS GET MORE OF WHAT YOU PAY FOR.
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Gutfeld on Fake Anti-Muslim Hate Crime In New York City

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Ft. Lauderdale Terrorist Walked Into FBI Office and Told Them He's ISIS, FBI Says Mass Shooting is "Not Terrorism"

FBI dropped the ball on the Orlando shooter, the San Bernardino Jihadists, and now this guy.
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Friday, January 06, 2017

Ft. Lauderdale Shooter Walked Into FBI Office And Claimed ISIS Was Forcing Him To Fight

NBC News reported that the shooter’s family is from Puerto Rico, and he served in National Guard and signed up in August 2016. “He signed up on that just a few months ago…He was not on any active duty,” NBC News reported
Pete Williams of NBC News reported that the shooter allegedly “had mental health issues, and reported hearing voices.” 
~~~He signed up for Alaska's Air National Guard in August of 2016, and was honorably discharged four months ago. So he was in for about a month, maybe less. Smells like he signed up to get some training, access to weapons and possibly ID. He had this planned for a long time. If that’s accurate he got kicked out for some non-judicial reason. Flunked basic training?
IOW, he’s a known screw up. Every article I’ve seen emphasizes his ties to the military.


Santiago flew into the airport from Anchorage, Alaska (with a layover in Minneapolis, St. Paul), and checked a gun for the flight. 
After claiming his bag, he loaded it in a bathroom and then opened fire on the baggage claim area, Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca said. 
NBC News reports that Santiago had a history of mental problems, but had reportedly been getting treatment. 
His most recent address was in Naples, but he lived in Anchorage from 2014 to 2016, where his girlfriend and child continue to live. He is also from New Jersey. 
Santiago was a combat engineer in the Army National Guard, and served one year in Iraq before being honorably discharged last year, the Army Criminal Investigation Division confirmed. 
The motive for the shooting is still not known, but Florida Sen. Marco Rubio told CNN that Santiago may have gotten into an altercation on his flight earlier that morning. 
'I know that was mentioned as a potential cause and they wanted to kind of look into that a little further and get to that point,' Rubio said. 
Sources also told ABC News that Santiago was contacted by the FBI after an employer back in Alaska raised concerns about certain things he had said. After that meeting, Santiago started getting treatment for his mental health issues.







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My only question is, if the Russians did hack the RNC, the DNC, or any other organization, with an eye towards influencing the elections, then why does the CIA not release the evidence?

What could possibly be the benefit of not releasing the evidence?

It's not like they are trying to hide the information in order to trip up the perpetrator. They say they know who it is; the Russians.

And by the way, who are "the Russians"?
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Photograph of Esteban Santiago?

Just FYI - his old address in Anchorage, if correct, is 7 minutes from a fairly new mosque. Just saying.

1200 W Dimond Blvd #206, Anchorage, AK 99515

New mosque address is E 80th Ave & Spring St, Anchorage, AK 99518

Map quest says 7 minutes away.

Gateway Pundit says it's the only Mosque in Alaska:

Update: Ft Lauderdale Shooter, Esteban Santiago Lived Within Walking Distance From Only Mosque in Alaska

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Johnny Winter
Guitar Slinger
full album

"It's My Life, Baby" - 4:11
"Don't Take Advantage of Me" - 5:24
"Iodine in My Coffee" - 3:56
"Trick Bag" - 3:20
"Mad Dog" - 4:27
"Boot Hill" - 3:35
"I Smell Trouble" - 4:48
"Lights Out" - 2:35
"Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" - 3:56
"My Soul" - 3:49

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The Gathering Storm Radio Show Going on Hiatus

The Gathering Storm Radio Show Going on Hiatus. Today will be our last show.

It's been our pleasure and responsibility to bring you opinionated comments from our honored guests over the last decade but it is time for us to re-think the show.

Due to the latest restrictions on free shows at Blog Talk Radio - and we assume there are more to follow - and AOW's health issues and myself involved in a new venture, and the format of the showing becoming stale and repetitive, AOW and I feel we need a breather.

We retire from the show believing that we have had some good in helping bring some sanity to our government with the election of Donald Trump. In a way we and our guests feel, what we have preached through the years, has been vindicated to a large degree.

We feel the government is in good hands.

Good luck to our fellow infidels.

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BREAKING NEWS: Multiple people shot at Ft. Lauderdale airport - TERRORIST ATTACK(?)

CUTTING IN WITH UPDATE - Breaking911: Broward Sheriff Office upgraded incident to a "terrorist attack"

SUSPECT IN CUSTODY? - Esteban Santiago(?)

From AP:
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — News media outlets are reporting that multiple people have been shot at Fort Lauderdale international airport. 
On its official Twitter account, airport officials said there was an "ongoing incident" in the Terminal 2 baggage claim area. They did not elaborate. 
Miami area television stations are reporting that at least nine people were shot and that the shooter is in custody. 
News helicopters hovering over the scene showed hundreds of people standing on the tarmac early Friday afternoon as an ambulance drove by and numerous law enforcement officers rushed to the scene. 
Former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer tweeted that he was at the airport when shots were fired and "everyone is running." 
Calls to the Broward Sheriff's Office and the Fort Lauderdale Police Department were not immediately returned.
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From the Daily Mail:
The four people believed to be behind the attack on a young special needs man in Chicago on Tuesday have been identified and charged 
The suspected attackers are Jordan Hill, 18; Tesfaye Cooper, 18; and sisters Brittany, 18, and Tanisha Covington, 24 
The foursome face charges of aggravated kidnapping, aggravated unlawful restraint, aggravated battery and a hate crime 
Hill, who was acquainted with the victim, faces an additional charge of robbery and possession of a stolen vehicle 
Hill, Cooper and Brittany Covington also face charges of residential burglary 
The four were arrested on Wednesday in connection to a video that was live-streamed on Facebook, showing four people torturing a special needs man 
The traumatized victim in the incident was found wandering a Chicago street after escaping on Wednesday 
The victim - who has not been identified - has been returned to his family
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Cybersecurity Legend McAfee: ‘Russian Hack’ Is NOT TRUE!

From RT:
The sloppiness of the alleged DNC hack by itself proves it was not organized by a nation state, and the “utter nonsense” presented as proof of Moscow’s involvement is rather evidence of intelligence agencies being “ignorant and naïve,” John McAfee told RT. 
The so-called evidence of the Russian involvement in the hacks not only looks like “the most deceptive propaganda was perpetrated on the American public” but actually proves quite the opposite, McAfee believes… 
Thus, McAfee believes, the whole “Russian hacking” narrative is either “propaganda intended to incite the American people, to anger toward Russia for some reason, or our intelligence community is so ignorant and naïve that they should all be replaced.” 
Cybersecurity specialist believes that based on the presented evidence the hack “cannot possibly be an organized nation-state.” 
“The hack on the DNC used a piece of malware a year and a half old and there have been many updates since then, McAfee said. 
“This was done by an independent one person kid that downloaded the software. Please, this is not an organized hack and certainly not a nation-state that did this.”



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Paul Ryan's "Almost America" Open Borders video 1:39

ConservativeTreehouse: It's Beginning - Economic Micro-riots erupt in Mexico

Twitter: ZeroHedge: Peso Tumbles as Mexican Central Bank Intervenes (Again)

If at first you don't succeed, intervene again! For the second time today (at midnight ET) Banxico officials confirmed the central bank entered the market to sell US dollars.
paste of comment regarding above tweet:

for those that didn’t read it, basically the Mexican government is selling it’s SILVER hoarde…. for U.S. Dollars, which it is then selling, and buying… PESOS with it!

So they’re trying to drive down the dollar (because they’re selling lots of it) and drive up the Peso (because they’re buying lots of it)… but ultimately they’re trading a fairly stable commodity (silver) for a falling currency (their own Peso).

Isn’t that the kind of stuff that goes on just before a country’s currency collapses?"
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Hamas’ Grand Ponzi Scheme

From Tammy Swofford:
Hamas has been called many things, but it is really only one thing. Let’s take the snake out of the basket. We should be less than charmed. For the State Department of the United States, Hamas falls under the category of an FTO, or foreign terrorist organization. 
The organization received this designation from us on October 8, 1997. The European General Court, in what must have been a fit of legal ischemia, took Hamas off their terrorist list in December of 2014. A United Nations committee gave a nod of respectability to Hamas with a vote to allow a Hamas-linked group consultative status. The Palestinian Return Center was recognized as a valid NGO in June 2015. Hamas was allowed to walk in the front door. 
What about the governing class of Qatar? You can dress them up but you cannot clean them up. State-sponsored terrorism is their hobby. They are the Monte Carlo of terrorist gambits. In 2014 the leadership of Qatar pledged four hundred million to Hamas. This is what can happen when your real estate is on the dinky side but your global aspirations are on megalomaniac scale. 
Hamas is successful because of two projections from the political lens.
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The Path of ISLAM is Always the Same

Image: The Path of ISLAM is Always the Same

1. Establish a mosque
2. Create an enclave
3. Grow the population
4. Claim victimhood
5. Resist host authorities & customs
6. Exploit lawfare
7. Institute shariah
8. Secede
9. Take Control

Afghanistan was once a Buddhist nation
Pakistan was once Hindu
Lebanon was Christian
Do you recognize a pattern forming?
Today they're all Islamic nations
If we continue on this path, Europe will be next to fall...then America?
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Former CIA-Director Woolsey Quits Trump Team

Epa mentioned that Woolsey quit. Epa says this is bad. Not sure Epa read why Woolsey quit.

Woolsey's quitting may have come at a "bad" time, in that Trump's team is currently enmeshed in a PR nightmare with Clapper hinting darkly at collusion with nefarious Russian agents, but Woolsey's departure does not seem to have ANYTHING to do with that.

From the Washington Post (Fake News organization):
Former CIA director R. James Woolsey Jr., a veteran of four presidential administrations and one of the nation’s leading intelligence experts, resigned Thursday from President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team because of growing tensions over Trump’s vision for intelligence agencies. 
Woolsey’s resignation as a Trump senior adviser comes amid frustrations over the incoming administration’s national security plans and Trump’s public comments undermining the intelligence community. 
“Effective immediately, Ambassador Woolsey is no longer a Senior Advisor to President-Elect Trump or the Transition. He wishes the President-Elect and his Administration great success in their time in office,” Jonathan Franks, a spokesman for Woolsey, said in a statement. 
Woolsey suggested in a pair of cable television interviews Thursday evening that he was only an informal adviser to Trump, with duties that included speaking to the journalists about Trump and his national security policies. 
Woolsey said on CNN that he did not want to “fly under false colors” any longer. 
“I’ve been an adviser and felt that I was making a contribution….. But I’m not really functioning as an adviser anymore. When I’m on the [television] screen, everybody announces that I’m a former CIA director and that I’m a Trump adviser and I’m really not anymore.” 
People close to Woolsey said that he had been excluded in recent weeks from discussions on intelligence matters with Trump and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the incoming White House national security adviser. They said that Woolsey had grown increasingly uncomfortable lending his name and credibility to the transition team without being consulted. Woolsey was taken aback by this week’s reports that Trump is considering revamping the country’s intelligence framework, said these people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk candidly.

“100 percent false”: Trump spokesman denies report that he’s planning to restructure U.S. intelligence agencies




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The CIA (and GOVT AUTHORITY) has no one to BLAME but itself for the destructive fix we are ALL in

This might be long but these are just SOME of the facts of the descent of the credit the US people give the govt, intelligence community, and media

Gulf of Tonkin August 1964

-In the midst of naval anti radar patrols, and South Viet armed raids into North Vietnam in 1964 several N Viet patrol boats attack a US destroyer which fires back and drives them off and then patrols from further off the coast. Then reinforced by a second destroyer a day later several to a swarm of torpedo boats attacks the US naval patrol.
Overhead Admiral Jim Stockdale (who became a war hero in captivity) reports over and over there is no second attack, and radar returns are COMPLETELY artifactual. After, back on board the attack carrier Ticonderoga, Stockdale had been ordered to prepare to launch an air strike against the North Vietnamese targets for their “attacks” of the previous evening. Unlike Captain Herrick, Stockdale had no doubt about what had happened: “We were about to launch a war under false pretenses, in the face of the on-scene military commander’s advice to the contrary.” Despite his reservations, Stockdale led a strike of 18 aircraft against an oil storage facility at Vinh, located just inland of where the alleged attacks on the Maddox and Turner Joy had occurred. Although the raid was successful (the oil depot was completely destroyed and 33 of 35 vessels were hit), two American aircraft were shot down; one pilot was killed and the second captured.
READ IT ALL, the history is from the US NAVAL INSTITUTE. Nearly 60,000 American dead, 300,000 wounded.
There was not a second attack on U.S. Navy ships in the Tonkin Gulf in early August 1964. Furthermore, the evidence suggests a disturbing and deliberate attempt by Secretary of Defense McNamara to distort the evidence and mislead Congress…faulty signals intelligence became “vital evidence of a second attack and [Johnson and McNamara] used this claim to support retaliatory air strikes and to buttress the administration’s request for a Congressional resolution that would give the White House freedom of action in Vietnam.”
In the Congress 2 days later the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was passed giving LBJ the authority to wage war as he saw fit. This law, passed by joint resolution, and opposed by just TWO men is the model for all the authorization of war, but not war, which followed.

CIA 1979

Failure to properly analyze the effect that one Khomeini would have in Iran, being returned from France, after our pressuring the Shah of Iran to abdicate 1979

CIA ~1989

Failure to see, warn, and take advantage of the fall of the USSR despite YEARS of OBVIOUS buidup towards this, via events such as the Polish Union victories of Lech Walesa. 1989

CIA 1980’s-2001

Failure to recognize terrorism by muslims wedded to Wahabbism not as a series of actions by loons, but as coherent WAR waged by an organized force which had regional and global implications. And then once recognizing this threat, failing to appreciate they were taking the MEANS to attack the USA. During this period from the 80’s – 2001, John Brennan, the HEAD OF THE CIA was in RIyadh as CIA station chief. In 1999 he came chief of staff to CIA head George Tenet. During this periiod we have numerous chances to kill Bin Laden. Here is a direct quote from the head of the Bin Laden task force, Michael Scheuer, describing his feelings over the death of one of thie field agents he had mentored, a woman with 4 children who was killed in a suicide bombing in 2008 that took out the entire American CIA field analysis force:
Well, I think it hurts morale to a certain extent, naturally, because of the deaths, but it hurts morale even more because one of the officers who got killed had arranged an operation in 1998 that would have killed or captured Osama bin Laden.
And Mr. Brennan was instrumental in preventing that operation from occurring. Instead he said the Americans should trust the Saudis to take care of bin Laden.
So it’s a painful– it’s a painful death, but more importantly it’s a death that didn’t need to occur had Mr. Clinton — Mr. Brennan, George Tenet, and Mr. Berger had the courage to try to defend Americans.

CIA 2002

Failure to asses the WMD situation in Iraq. Go read the pre-Iraq war NIE (which was read by exactly SEVEN Senators and Congressmen before passing the war resolution) WHAT?
4800 killed, 30,000+ wounded

CIA – and entire Intelligence Community 2007

FAILURE TO ASSESS the intentions and capabilities of Iran in nuclear weapons in the 2007 NIE in which they assessed Iran HAD NO NUCLEAR WEAPONS PROGRAM, having stopped in 2003, although ‘they could have one if they wanted to ‘. Of course, 2 years later Obama saw the absolute need to tun US policy on its head to PREVENT what the 2007 NIE said was not happening.

CIA – Failure over Benghazi and designing the cover-up – Mike Morell – Acting Head of the CIA/Deputy Chief of the CIA

In an interview with Fox News‘ Brett Baier to promote his new book, Morell acknowledged what many documents and insiders have indicated from the start (but the White House and State Department vehemently denied): politics were in serious play when the administration mistakenly blamed a YouTube video rather than terrorists for the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks on the U.S. compounds in Benghazi, Libya. Four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were killed in the assaults.
One example is the series of internal “talking points” drafts circulated among administration officials. Documents belatedly produced to Congress revealed that Obama advisor Ben Rhodes advised officials to blame the video, in part, “to underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.”
“I think that is crossing the line between national security and politics,” Morell said to Baier in an interview this week.
Previously, Morell had testified that mistakes made regarding Benghazi were not due to politics. Likewise, the White House has made similar claims.
Another contradiction came when Morell testified to the House Intelligence Committee on April 2, 2014. At the time, he was still defending the White House.
“To be very clear,” said Morell, “the White House did not make any substantive changes to the talking points.”
In written testimony submitted to the committee Morell also specifically denied that the National Security Staff, which is chaired by the President, made changes. At the time, he called it a “myth.”
“No one at the NSS suggested or requested a single substantive change. That is a simple fact, and calling it a myth doesn’t change the reality.”
However, former White House NSS official Tommy Vietor subsequently told Baier of Fox News that he made at least one substantive change and, perhaps, more.
Of course we now know Mr. Morell, who retired as Deputy Chief of the CIA IS THE PERSON who made the famous Rice talking points into what they were. HE was the author He subsequently endorsed and worked for Hillary Clinton.

CIA – altering low level reporting on ISIS to fit political needs of Obama Admin.

More than 50 intelligence analysts at the U.S. Central Command have alerted the Pentagon watchdog that they believe their work is being altered to portray the war on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as more successful than it actually is, according to the Daily Beast.
The inspector general has now opened an investigation to see whether there has been any manipulation of intelligence reports, some of which have gone all the way to the president. The principal complaint is that senior officials are editing the intelligence analysts’ reports to bring them into line with the Obama administration’s claim that the war on ISIS is successful. The analysts said that some key pieces of intelligence had been removed from their reports, altering their conclusions.
“The cancer was within the senior level of the intelligence command,” one defense official told the publication.

CIA – James Clapper – current DNI, PERJURY before the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee

It was an exchange made famous not because of what was said at the time, but because of what Americans discovered later.
At the tail end of a rare open session of the Senate Intelligence Committee on March 12, 2013, Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., asked National Intelligence Director James Clapper whether intelligence officials collect data on Americans.
Clapper responded “No, sir,” and, “Not wittingly.”
In an interview with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, he said that “I responded in what I thought was the most truthful, or least untruthful manner, by saying no”

And now the CIA, and FBI (which never itself examined the servers) comes to the American public with their talking points and is SURPRISED when PEOTUS among MANY OTHERS express CRITICAL THOUGHT about their action, and conclusion and why the conclusions have been made.
And Senators and Congressmen (and ladies) JUST THEY WERE in 1964 over the vote of the Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution, have their critical thought processes SHORT CIRCUITED. I heard NO hard questions yesterday.  No one even asked the HEADS of policy and departments before them the politically NEUTRAL question ..’do you believe this is an act of war? and If you do how DO YOU PERSONALLY think the USA should respond?’ These guys are all gone in 2 weeks, you might get an honest answer
MAYBE. But for me, the performance of these senators went from disappointing (McCain who suffered greatly as a result of the Gulf of Tonkin lies) to Reed, who I felt was disgusting in his blatant Tammany like, slavish adherence to party over PROTECTING THE PEOPLE, and their election.
I am certain there are many hard working people in the CIA, but when their work filters up to be reported out, SOMETHING HAPPENS.
I have no idea WHO initiated the spear phishing attack that yielded results from the stupidity of the DNC (I believe NEITHER the Russians, Assange, OR the CIA unless PROOF is forthcoming) but yesterday I heard the perjurer, Clapper say this (or something like this) .. ‘we recognize that even among the security community of the USA we have a major problem CONVINCING users to exert DISCIPLINE with regard to these kinds of attacks.’
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If Clapper is correct there might be better security enforced on your doctor’s patient portal. Maybe the CIA should use Obamacare/HIPAA compliance.
No one should IGNORE the details of the report which will be making its way out from now until Monday, but we should all put our thinking hats on as to the details, the motives, and the history of the CIA, the intelligence community, and the politicization of every facet of govt, ESPECIALLY the desire of some Americans to portray other Americans who just believe in a different path as EVIL.
I have said in other places I do not believe any TECHNICAL case be PROVEN that Russia or anyone else got the info from the DNC. That can only be done by other means, additional means. But the situation, and our inability to BELIEVE the CIA or govt pronouncements, means ABSOLUTELY that the full truth must be OUT for the people to see, to regain trust in institutions, or it will all be more evidence we are on the way to the fate of another society. A society in which the catch phrase was ‘we pretend to work and they pretend to pay us‘.
By the way, Woolsey quitting the Trump transition team is BAD!! Bad indicator, and Jim, you owe the people a straight explanation.
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