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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Paddock had multiple cell phones; girlfriend helped him load magazines in the Las Vegas shooting

From Behind The News:
A U.S. judge in Nevada unsealed the documents showing some of what federal agents learned about Stephen Paddock in the week after the Las Vegas shooting. 
According to the documents, Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend told investigators they would probably find her fingerprints on bullets because she helped him load ammunition magazines. 
Marilou Danley may not have been present when Paddock unleashed a furious barrage of bullets down on a crowd of 20,000 at a Las Vegas country music festival, murdering 58 people and wounding more than 500 others, but her links to his life seemed to be everywhere. 
Prosecutors also show that agents sought the email, Facebook and Instagram accounts of Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley. They revealed an exchange about a money wire transfer. 
Danley returned from a trip to the Philippines days after the shooting, but wasn’t arrested when she arrived in the United States. 
Inside his hotel room, investigators found two unlocked cell phones. “Neither contained significant information that allowed investigators to determine the full scope of Stephen Paddock’s planning and preparation for the attack,” the documents said. 
A third cell phone, which was locked, could not be accessed, according to the Los Angeles Times. 
Investigators said he used anonymous communications devices, including a prepaid cellphone, to cover his tracks and employed a “level of sophistication which is commonly found in mass casualty events.” 
Also unveiled on Friday: Emails Paddock had exchanged about buying rifles and bump stocks months before he carried out the mass shooting. 
Paddock’s email address and the Gmail address had similar names, leading investigators to suspect that he may have been emailing himself, although they couldn’t figure out why.

FBI agents reportedly knew that Paddock had left behind big caches of guns, ammunition and explosives when they sought warrants to search his properties and online accounts, according to the documents. 
Las Vegas Police Officer Aden Ocampo Gomez and FBI spokeswoman Sandra Breault said Friday that they had no update about Paddock’s motive. Both called it an ongoing investigation.
Why would he email himself?

Because he gave his ISIS handlers the password too.

It's a way of covering tracks.

In the investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails, and her private server, one of the things we learned was Hillary and her co-conspirators were sending information between themselves through an email account in which they would write emails they never sent, but instead, would leave in the "Drafts" section. The next person would then log on to the same email account, and view the emails in "Draft."

This way they never even had to send an email. Get it?

There, I did your job for you, FBI.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Until someone explains to me the source of Paddock's great wealth I will continue to doubt any official explanation of his actions. His backstory makes no sense aside from a very improbable, practically supernatural, career.

Give me ten years of his tax returns and bank statements and, within a fortnight, I and my cohort will be able to determine, with 99% accuracy, the source of the funding of his lifestyle. I can't imagine the Feds haven't done the same. I believe they know and I believe they are hiding very important facts about him while trying to run out the clock on the public interest.

The stench of the deep state is all over this.

Saturday, January 13, 2018 7:28:00 pm  

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