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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Trump, Clinton Scandals Are Claiming A Lot Of Bodies — At FBI And Justice

From Investor's Business Daily:
Whenever anyone suggested that officials at the FBI and Justice Department might have had a political bias that severely tainted both the investigation into the Trump-Russia and Hillary Clinton email scandals, they were called conspiracy-mongers or worse. 
But if the FBI and Justice are so squeaky clean of political bias, what accounts for the growing pile of top officials deeply involved in those supposedly aboveboard investigations who've been reassigned, demoted or have suddenly quit their jobs? 
There have been nearly half a dozen in just the past few weeks. 
Thankfully, reporter Sharyl Attkisson has been keeping a running tally. 
Here's a rundown. 
David Laufman: Abruptly Quit 
Laufman was Deputy Assistant Attorney General in charge of counterintelligence, cybersecurity, counterespionage and export controls. As the Washington Post put it, Laufman "had a key role in the Justice Department's investigations of Hillary Clinton and Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election." He was one of the Justice officials who interviewed Hillary Clinton about her email use. 
Laufman suddenly quit his job last Wednesday, citing "personal reasons." His resignation came one day after the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee issued a scathing interim report on the FBI's handling of the Clinton email scandal, in which it said that "a number of actions by high-level FBI officials" have called the bureau's integrity and impartiality "into question." 
Andrew McCabe: Abruptly Quit
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