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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Is Facebook a DARPA Creation?

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The image links to a Wired business story titled "Pentagon Kills LifeLog Project"
Bing archived link to Wired story from 02-04-04

The image also notes the date of February 4, 2004 just happens to coincide with the date Facebook was founded as noted in Wikipedia:

Confirming further - the existence of LifeLog, the website 

Military.com/DefenseTech has earlier story "LifeLog gets a facelift" dated July 14, 2003

Notice the second sentence of the article about the cancellation of LifeLog. Lifelog was run by DARPA. DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Project Agency.
Who ran Facebook’s secretive Building 8 hardware lab? 

Where did she work before Facebook? DARPA——>GOOGLE——>Facebook

Who knows every website you visit? What you buy? Who you talk to?

Check it out.

Facebook’s Regina Dugan, who led the company’s secretive Building 8 hardware lab, is leaving the company after just 18 months in the role. 
Dugan detailed in a Facebook post that she would be leaving to focus on “building and leading a new endeavor.” She will be staying in her position until “early next year” to help the team transition into 2018. 
As rumors pile up that Facebook is working on moving into consumer hardware, all eyes remain on the company’s Building 8 division, which handles those projects. 
Dugan presented onstage at Facebook’s F8 conference this year, talking about some of the company’s more long-shot projects, like embeddable brain sensors that could promote a more tight interface with hardware products. 
Before joining Facebook, Dugan was the head of Google’s Advanced Technology and Products team and was the director of DARPA before that. 
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Reasonable conclusion.

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