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Thursday, April 12, 2018

JUDGE: Police Are Stalling Release Of Las Vegas Shooting Records

From the Daily Wire:
“I’m very frustrated, because I think that gamesmanship is going on here,” District Judge Stefany Miley said during a reportedly heated hearing, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. 
“It’s now months since the shooting occurred, and it’s still the same: delay, delay, delay. If one technique doesn’t work, then you switch to another one. That’s very concerning for the court.” 
The Journal reports that last month District Judge Richard Scotti ruled that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department had to immediately start the process of releasing records from the shooting to the media. 
The Journal adds: Scotti said the records could be made public gradually, as they’re processed — as opposed to releasing them all at once after additional delay — and gave Metro six months to complete the task. He also ruled that the department could not charge journalists hundreds of thousands of dollars for the production of those records. 
“All you’ve done is prolong the proceedings even further than it should have been, and that’s what’s very concerning to me,” Miley told Metro's lawyers. “It seems like a game.”   
Miley rejected Metro’s motion for reconsideration and denied their request "to keep the body camera footage and 911 calls in limbo until police can seek relief from the state’s high court." 
“Although the court does agree with Metro in that there are privileges that may protect the disclosure of certain documents, the question has always been, for this court: Which documents are subject to protections under the law? And that’s never been provided to this court,” Miley said.
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