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Saturday, April 07, 2018

LA Times: Van's crash into a crowd in Germany kills 5, injures 20; police say driver killed himself

From The Government-Media/Academia Complex:
A small truck that may have been carrying explosives crashed into a crowd of people in the western German college town of Muenster on Saturday at high speed, killing three people and injuring at least 20, according to police, who said the driver of the truck shot himself to death. 
"It's too early to call this an attack but the investigation is going in that direction," said Andreas Bode, police spokesman in Muenster. 
"Three people were killed, 20 were injured, including six who were critically injured. The driver of the truck killed himself while still in the vehicle." 
Bode added: "There was a potentially suspicious object in the vehicle. We are investigating what it is." German media reports said that the object had wires protruding from it.
German police search killer van driver's flat for EXPLOSIVES after the 48-year-old mowed down diners on a packed restaurant patio and left at least two dead - but detectives claim it was NOT terror

Driver ploughed through crowds outside the popular Grosser Kiepenkerl bar in Münster, west Germany 
He shot himself dead inside the vehicle, leaving two others dead and 20 injured in the attack at 3.27pm 
Reports claim he was Jens Handeln, 48, a German national with psychological problems and no terror links 
Police in the area say they are not looking for any more suspects and currently searching perpetrator's flat 
Deadly incident comes on the anniversary of the Stockholm attack when five people were killed and 14 injured
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