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Saturday, April 14, 2018

The OIG Report is About McCabe's Leaks Against Obama Officials and Hillary Clinton, Not About Trump

"Oh Shit! I'm Fucked!"

From Ace of Spades:
This report is not even close to what I thought it would be about.In a way, though, it makes sense. 
An investigation was not opened into McCabe's leaks of damaging stuff about Trump.No -- why would they do that? The Deep State doesn't like Trump. They approve of leaks against Trump. 
This report is about McCabe's leaks against Obama officials. 
Naturally -- that's the kind of leaking the Deep State doesn't like. Leaks against one of their own. Leaks against the minions of The Precious. 
So it's all about leaks that McCabe authorized certain underlings to make to the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ had published (on October 25, 2016) an article by Devlin Barrett noting that McCabe's wife had gotten huge donations (I think between $500,000 and $700,000) from Hillary Clinton's bagman Terry MacAuliffe for her election bid, and yet McCabe refused to recuse himself from overseeing the Clinton email investigation or the Clinton Foundation investigation. 
Importantly, the existence of the latter had not yet been made public. Comey had been asked about it and refused to confirm or deny any such investigation. 
McCabe wanted to clear his own name of the charge of unethical behavior, and, so, decided to engage in unethical behavior by rebutting the WSJ story by claiming that Obama officials were pressuring him to shut down the Clinton Foundation investigation, and McCabe, heroically, resisted. 
That's his claim, anyway.
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