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Sunday, April 08, 2018

The Rape of a Tourist in Central Prague: Six "Algerians" Arrested

I put the word "Algerians" in quotes, because it is essentially a racist, or nationalist, way of referring to a problem which is, in reality, CULTURAL.

And more than likely, this crime was committed by Muslims who come from Algeria.

Islam is, itself, a culture, not a race, nor a nationality.

And, in fact, while we may consider this act to be criminal, the Islamic religio-culture would teach that this act is not a crime, but is part and parcel of the conquest of your enemies; that is, it is ok to rape the Infidel women, to take the spoils of victory, and to share those spoils with your brother's in Allah.

From the Vlad Tepes Blog:
The rape of a tourist in Central Prague: Six Algerians in remand! They could face 10 years. However, the men, who come from Algeria, did not end up in cuffs by coincidence. 
On Easter Monday morning, they were accused by a 35-year-old Irish tourist, who had headed up to the room with one of them the previous night. There they mutually engaged in intimate play. 
Subsequently the tourist is said to not have praised the man’s performance sufficiently, which clearly did not please the temperamental Algerian. 
“Following this, the man brought over five more of his friends, which is when the aforementioned rape is said to have taken place,” Dan?k remarked regarding the incident. 
The woman reportedly attempted to dissuade the attackers by claiming that she was a teacher, but it did not help her. 
In fear for her life the woman told the police that she was afraid, and chose to close her eyes, so that they would not physically harm her even more. 
“I could feel as they were switching on me… I was very afraid. I was terrified, I felt horrible, that I am stupid, very mad… I thought they were going to kill me,” she related her feelings to the criminal investigators, according to the daily Pravo. 
Once all of them were, in her words, done, they left the room, but one returned and raped the woman again. 
Yet almost all of them come from well-situated families and are university students; only one of them worked at an airport in Paris. 
Subsequently the police charged all six foreigners with a criminal act, and the regional court for Prague 1 remanded them in bond on Wednesday. If they are convicted, they may face up to ten years in jail.
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