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It Is Not A Good Idea
To Act As If You Can Not Accomplish
What You Were Elected To Do


Sunday, May 13, 2018

RAMADAN FUBARAK: A Yearly Message from your Intelligence Agencies….

Happy Ramadan, Muslims!

From The Last English Prince:
Ramadan Fubarak! 
Definition of FUBAR 
I “learned” the term when serving in the Navy, if something went sideways in the field, it was anointed a “FUBAR”. 
So it is, that once again – the counter-terrorism community sends up to all of us a hearty Ramadan Fubarak. Because Westerners know. 
We know… this is the season for an uptick in terrorism acts against innocent Westerners.   
Khamzat Azimov - Paris Knife Jihadist 
Here is the deal, kiddies. The Khamzat of the world are treated like assets. They are information conduits and platforms to exploit. Valued. Until of course, they have shed blood and the messiness must be cleaned up. 
But Khamzat kind of sounds like Hazmat. He should have been treated like epidemiological virology. 
Because once the viral load is high enough, the Khamzat of the world take to the streets of Garland, Texas (I was there); San Bernardino, California (a father of six lost his life) and the streets of Paris. 
Michael Wetzel: Father of Six 
Days before his death, Michael Wetzel provided a foreshadowing of the Requiem of Candles for his own life – tragically cut short by two individuals who were most likely handled like exploitation platforms by individuals who do not understand the value of a Hazmat suit. 
The Last English Prince is tired of it all. 
Tired of the “known” who ambush the unaware. 
So to all: Ramadan Fubarak!
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