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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Watch FBI Director Chris Wray Whitewash Antifa Terrorism as Ted Cruz Calls For RICO Investigation

Watch FBI Director Chris Wray Whitewash Antifa Terrorism as Ted Cruz Calls For RICO Investigation 

Senator Cruz just a few days ago introduced a resolution to designate Antifa a domestic terrorist organization and now he’s calling on Wray to open a RICO investigation into the masked terrorists. 
Christopher Wray however looked like a fool as he attempted to whitewash Antifa as if they are an unorganized group of people with anarchist beliefs. Antifa engages in violent protests, Ted Cruz argued. 
“Masked men and women engage in physical violence,” Cruz told Wray referring to the recent violent attack in Portland, Oregon on journalist Andy Ngo. 
“Another Antifa terrorist (Willem Von Spronsen) attacked an ICE center in Tacoma, Washington,” he added arguing Antifa is an organization engaged in masked, anonymous violence. 
Christopher Wray responded to Ted Cruz by saying the FBI doesn’t investigate ideology and lumped Antifa terrorists into what he calls “Anarchist extremists.” 
“We don’t think of Antifa as an organization so much,” Wray added. Senator Ted Cruz pushed back and said the FBI has significant tools to go after criminal enterprises that use masks and anonymity to carry out violence just like the Ku Klux Klan or the mafia. 
“I will be sending a letter to you and the Department of Justice asking the Department to open a RICO investigation into Antifa…”Cruz said.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deep state puke.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 10:13:00 am  

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