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Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Dem Lawmaker Who Credited Trump For Saving Her Life Says She Had to Beg For Hydroxychloroquine After Michigan Gov Barred the Drug


President Trump first touted the drug during a daily press conference and was widely mocked and ridiculed by the fraudstream media.

Democrat governors and reporters in the leftie media would rather have Trump fail than people survive a viral scourge.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Governor Cuomo's press conference today (Tuesday), the governor announced the state has submitted an anti-body test to the FDA for approval. His hope is that if the test is approved
and scaled up, those who have the antibodies would be allowed to being working
full time again.

ff 9:17 in this CSPAN video:

Tuesday, April 07, 2020 11:13:00 pm  

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