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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mufti of Egypt -"Yes, it is permitted to kill him *(jew), because he is a Harbi and the Harbi spreads corruption throughout the face of the earth."

The Mufti of Egypt: The True Face of the Blood-Sucking Hebrew Entity has Been Exposed

The New Egyptian Mufti - Dr. Sheikh 'Ali Gum'a: Opinions About Jihad, Supporting Suicide Bombings, and Forbidding Muslims in the U.S. Military From Fighting Other Muslims

There has been a recent reorganization of the highest echelons of Egypt's religious establishment: Sheikh Dr. 'Ali Gum'a has been appointed to the post of Egyptian Mufti, replacing Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Al-Tayyeb [1],who was appointed president of Al-Azhar University. Dr. Al-Tayyeb replaced Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Omar Hashem. The following is a review of a number of the mufti's statements:

It is Forbidden for a Muslim in the U.S. Military To Fight His Brother

Following the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the start of the war in Afghanistan, a debate arose among Muslim clerics regarding whether it was permitted for Muslims to serve in the U.S.'s armed forces and fight against Muslims in Afghanistan. [2] Sheikh Gum'a objected to Muslims participating in the war as U.S. soldiers. In a Fatwa issued six days after the war began, Sheikh Gum'a wrote: [3]

"…There is news that some of the Mujahideen [who fought] recently against the Communist forces are now behind the events that took place on September 11, 2001 in Washington and New York… The U.S. set the columns of soldiers in motion and insisted on moving from suspicion to actual punishment…

"The Prophet said: 'Do not go back after [my death] to being infidels who strike each other's necks.' When he was asked about civil war between Muslims, he said: 'If two Muslims fight with their swords and kill each other, the place of both the killer and the killed is in Hell.'

"A consensus emerged that it was forbidden for a Muslim to [fight] his brother. Even if the [brother's] guilt was proven, a Muslim is forbidden from fighting his brother, all the more so when it occurs as a result of propaganda and lies.

"A Hadith says: 'A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim; he does not abandon him and he does not give him away.' …The Muslim soldier in the American army must refrain [from participating] in this war, and if he cannot, he must serve in the [logistic] ranks, and if he cannot, he must submit his resignation. If he is forced to [fight] and is among the combating ranks, he is forbidden from killing a Muslim with his weapon; if he kills him in error he must pay reparation. If he kills him intentionally, he has committed the sin of killing a Muslim intentionally." [4]

He Who Carries Out Martyrdom Operations Against the Zionists is a Shahid

Sheikh Gum'a was one of the twenty-eight Al-Azhar clerics who signed a communiqué opposing the position of Al-Azhar Sheikh Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, who has at times prohibited suicide bombings against Israeli civilians. [5]

Sheikh Gum'a was also a signatory to the "Basic Announcement of the World Campaign For Resistance to Aggression," which stated: "The Islamic nation is, in the recent period, subject to cruel aggression on the part of the forces of oppression and tyranny, primarily the Zionist forces and the American administration, led by the extreme right, that acts to impose [their] hegemony on the nations and on the peoples and to change their curricula and their social systems…" [6]

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Blogger Réjean said...

Is someone could tell me when a leader of anyone of our loosing,scared,dhimmied western country will be able to have the BALLS to standup and tell to all those vomiting muftis,shit eater imans,rapers of young girls, dirty killers that this is their fucking death cult that is the lone cancer,the only cause for All All the suffering on the whole planet earth.
It's really make me feel good.

Sunday, August 20, 2006 8:42:00 pm  

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