Wednesday, October 04, 2006

9-11 Memorial for NYPD officer vandalized by Turkish Muslim

Yesterday, a Turkish Muslim living in New York vandalized a memorial for a slain NYC policeman (via Michelle Malkin):
A man described by police as a Turkish-born Muslim was charged yesterday with destroying a Queens memorial to a fallen 9/11 cop while screaming, "This is political!" The Post has learned.

Adnan Emre, 26, tore down a portion of Officer Paul Talty's tribute attached to a light post at 50th Avenue and Vernon Boulevard in Long Island City, police sources said.

It consisted of 5-inch-by-7-inch picture of the late officer, a cross, a plaque and crossed American and Irish flags. The plaque is inscribed, "Rest in Peace, Paul. We miss you. God Bless."

Emre ripped down the cross at about 7:52 a.m., cops said, and announced his deed by screaming, "This is political!"

"There are so many deranged people," said the officer's mom, Barbara Talty. "This doesn't surprise me, but it's sad."

Talty's sister, Patricia Dougan, said the suspect must be unstable.

"I just have to think whoever would do this isn't right in the mind," Dougan said.

A passing MTA booth clerk witnessed the vandalism and called cops, who responded from the 108th Precinct station house just down the block.

Emre was charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct, said a spokeswoman for Queens District Attorney Richard Brown. He faces a maximum penalty of a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Talty, 40, rushed to the World Trade Center's south tower as it fell.

Talty had served in the 108th Precinct before he was transferred to the NYPD's elite Emergency Service Unit.

He left behind a preteen boy and girl - and a pregnant wife, who gave birth to a girl two weeks after the attacks.

Talty's survivors maintain the memorial.

Emre is a native of Turkey but now lives in Long Island City, police said.

Local residents were outraged by the destruction.

"If I caught him, he'd be dead, the bastard!" fumed Tom Ledden, 71, a long-time Long Island City resident and military veteran.
If anything, that scum deserves much more than just a year in prison. He owes many apologies to the family, and fines galore. That is truly obscene to harm a memorial to someone who died trying to save lives, and the Turk should also have his citizenship revoked permanently.


Always On Watch said...

I haven't heard a thing about this in the msm. Did I miss it? Or did the story never appear?

Mustn't offend the Muzzies, you know. It's Ramadan.

VadimM said...

Deport the bastard back to Turkey.