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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

AHAH ....they want to win ! How evil?

Reading the criticism as a result of Woodward's book, one can't but scratch one's head over the Kissinger related issues.
First ..why would an ex secretary of state's visit be considered some kind of gotcha ...if he could .. would Cyrus Vance who helped BOTCH LBJ's vietnam policies, or QUIT over over Jimmy Carter's botched rescue be considered some ill omened evidence of loserdom? Would Dean Rusk or Dean Acheson, or Cordell Hull's visits be some obvious kind of award in gaffedom? Maybe to people who didn't make it back from 1972.

That ain't that, or then, and Zarqouids are not the Vietcong

Next, the smoking gun of this entire thing ... "Victory is the only exit strategy"

How crass to win?
How evil to do those things needed to win?
What bad taste to discusss this with those who HAVE learned the lesson of Vietnam
What is wrong with these people?

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